Concussions & Brain Injuries: Symptoms, Tests, Treatment

If your child might have had a concussion, go to the  if you see any of these symptoms:

Learn the symptoms, and what to do if a concussion is suspected

When choosing a playground surface, you need to review the pros and cons of the various surfacing materials and choose the one most appropriate for your site.

You might get a concussion when your car is rear-ended and …

How can you provide a safer play environment for children? Design and implement some solutions, such as installing soft fall systems on all , to prevent injuries or lessen their severity.

Play is a crucial part of a child’s development, and playgrounds provide ample opportunities for children to improve physical and social skills. However, playgrounds are a common location where children can sustain injuries, including severe fractures, concussions, dislocations and amputations, which can result to a visit in a hospital, or worse, death.

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That was also around when I went back to work. I still got tired quickly, and my day often ended earlier than I wanted — usually with a headache. But working helped with my memory, too. Things that had happened to me before the concussion still had a patina of unreality to them, because I couldn’t feel the memories. I quickly discovered that while the content of my memory was intact, the emotions associated with the memories were gone.

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Garcia wrestled with what role he could now serve in a game that he no longer participated in as a player, and Perez sought ways to channel Garcia’s energies into engineering. Garcia wracked his brain to come up with a project when it was first assigned, in the fall of 2012. The broad strokes involved protection against head trauma. After Garcia endured the concussion, Perez encouraged him to incorporate his firsthand experience. Perez showed Garcia an article of how scientists were studying animals, like woodpeckers, to see how they pounded away without encountering brain damage. Perez kept stacks of “Popular Mechanics” issues nearby for reference. Garcia fixed his attention on bonding a helmet and shoulder pads. It was not groundbreaking, but Perez considered it a solid first step.

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Even for people who feel normal, things aren’t back to normal in the brain, Harvard’s Mullally tells me. Unusual patterns of blood flow in the brain persist for a month, studies in humans and in animal models show. Gentle cardio exercise — like walking — can help improve it. A concussion patient shouldn’t go back to full-steam ahead immediately, but neither should they wait until they are well to begin resuming their lives, he says.

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The NFL’s concussion doesn’t have a timeline associated with it, either. Instead it’s a five-step process: rest and recovery first, then some light aerobic activity. After that: strength training. Then football-specific activities, like returning to practice but not doing any parts that would require contact. Throwing and catching are okay, but tackling is out. Then, once an independent neurological consultant approves: full recovery, clearance, playing again.