Ireland lies in the Atlantic Ocean, west of Great Britain . . .

The Norman Conquest changed the face of England and western Europe forever

Irish Confederate Wars: Oliver Cromwell’s Conquest of Ireland

he Irish lost the war because the English systematically devastated large areas of Ireland depriving not only Irish soldiers but the Irish people of shelter and means of substance. The Irish were not as well equipped or supplied as the English, and because O'Neill did not succeed in building up a real national movement, this may have been because when he returned to Ireland in the service of England he took part in the suppression of the Desmond rebellion which may have made other Irish chieftains reluctant to place their entire trust in him.

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Ireland, the British Invasion - Great Britain

William was crowned king of England on Christmas Day 1066, but it took years more fighting to conquer the whole country. His cruellest campaign was the 'Harrying of the North' in 1069, where he slaughtered the inhabitants of the north-east and destroyed their food stores so that even the survivors starved to death.

The Norman Conquest changed the face of England forever. William ruled as unquestioned conqueror and the became merely an unpaid workforce for their new lords (see ).

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e have attempted to present this page as an impartial account of historical events as they unfolded in Ireland. Our sources were many and often presented conflicting accounts, as of course is only to be expected. It is difficult for authors to avoid applying his or her own personal political and religious allegiance to the interpretation of events and situations they are describing. Not forgetting also that the original source material from which history is compiled is usually written, sanitized and often embellished by the victor, to the detriment of the vanquished and the truth.

History of Ireland - Irish History.

he original provinces, sometimes called the five fifths of Ireland, were probably Ulster, Leinster, Munster, Connaught, and Mide. But the number of provinces and their boundaries were in a state of constant flux. According to tradition, King Cormac mac Airt built a splendid palace at Tara, in County Meath, forming the new kingdom of Meath, and called himself Árd Ri (high king). Though he was never the ruler of whole of Ireland, his descendants claimed that he founded the high kingship of Tara.

The Classical Association in Northern Ireland

n 431, Pope Celestine sent Palladius as first bishop to the Irish, Pallidus died shortly after arriving in Ireland. He was replaced by who landed in Ireland in 432, he become the patron saint of Ireland.

Doyle Clan - The Norman Invasion

atrick was a native of Britain, the son of a wealthy official. When he was about 16 years of age, he was captured by Irish raiders (probably acting under the orders of the Irish king Niall Noigiallach 'Niall of the Nine Hostages') .And taken as a slave to Ireland.


or six years, he herded sheep for his Irish master, it is said on Slemish mountain County Antrim. He escaped, legend tells us that he stowed away on a ship bound for England, loaded with Irish Wolfhounds. From England he went to France and studied under Saint Germanus. There he became a bishop and returned to Ireland with the intention of converting the pagan Irish to Christianity.