The Financial Costs of the Death Penalty.

As of 2016, California was one of 30 states in which the death penalty was legal.

The Death Penalty in United States of America

The Financial Costs ofthe Death Penalty Death penalty cases are muchmore expensive than other criminal cases and cost more than imprisonmentfor life with no possibility of parole.

The Death Penalty remains one of the most politically popular punishments....

according to a comprehensive analysis of the death penalty's costs

The cruel and unusual punishment confines the harshness of penalties that state and federal governments may inflict upon ones who have been condemned of a criminal offense.

None. The mandatory death penalty is unconstitutional in the United States.

In countries like Britain and France, so long aselite opinion remains sufficiently united (which, in the case of the deathpenalty, it has), public support cannot translate into legislative action.

The article in the textbook The Death Penalty in the United States and Worldwide was fairly informative.

The Death Penalty in the United States ..

Referring to France, a recentarticle in the UNESCO Courier noted that "action by courageous politicalleaders has been needed to overcome local public opinion that has remainedmostly in favour of the death penalty." When a 1997 poll showed that 49percent of Swedes wanted the death penalty reinstated, the country's justiceminister told a reporter: "They don't really want the death penalty; theyare objecting to the increasing violence.

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executions weremultiplied by a factor of 10 they would still constitute an infinitesimalelement of criminal justice." The public seems to agree:Only 13 percent of those who support capital punishment believeit deters crime.(48) New York and Massachusettscan be contrasted with Texas which is the nation's leader in theuse of the death penalty.

Gross estimated that the death penalty costs states with capital ..

For example, Vice President Dan Quayle attacked Clintonfor being soft on capital punishment (despite having presidedover four executions as Arkansas Governor) because Clinton hadsuggested that Governor Mario Cuomo (D-NY) might make a good SupremeCourt Justice.(56) Bill Clinton criticized Bush'smanipulation of the death penalty issue: "President Bushhas used an expansion of the death penalty as a cover for actuallyweakening the partnership of the federal government in the fightagainst crime."(57) However, Clinton bowed to the popularwisdom when he made a prominent demonstration of his support forthe death penalty by leaving the primary campaign in January 1992to preside over the execution of a brain damaged defendant inArkansas.

Death and Taxes: The Real Cost of the Death Penalty

In accordance with Ohio state law, murdering more than one individual is considered a mass murder and therefore the accused is subject to the possibility of the death penalty....

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I'd attempt to educate them more on the subject by providing them some detailed information such as factual statistics on both the pros and cons of the death penalty.