"The Function of the Dark Lady in Shakespeare's Sonnets."

This section provides an overview of the sonnets that have been ascribed to Shakespeare's Dark Lady

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The sonnets are usually divided into 3 sections. Sonnets 1-126 are about a character known as the Fair Youth. The first 17 of these are known as the procreation sonnets. Sonnets 127-152 are the Dark Lady sonnets. Sonnets 78-86, within the Fair Youth sonnets, also involve someone known as the Rival Poet .Each of the sonnets are are in a form now known as the Shakespearean Sonnet. All of them contain 3 quatrains (4-line stanzas) and a final couplet in iambic pentameter. The start of the 3rd quatrain usually contains a 'volta', a shift in mood or revelation/epiphany in the sonnet. The rhyme scheme for his sonnets is abab cdcd efef gg. Only 3 of his sonnets are exceptions to this rule.

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The Sonnet Lover, a novel by Carol Goodman, is constructed around the possibility that the Dark Lady was, in fact, a woman of Tuscany, and herself a creator of fine sonnets.

The Dark Lady who inspired some of Shakespeare’s romantic sonnets may have had a rather unladylike profession

“The Dark Lady was Florio’s wife, born Aline Daniel, who probably first met William Shakespeare at Titchfield [home to the Earl of Southampton]," he wrote.

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The Dark Lady Sonnets (127 - 154)

The sonnets are often referenced in popular culture. For example in a 2007 episode of , entitled , Shakespeare began a good-bye to in the form of Sonnet 18, referring to her as his dark lady. This is intended to indicate that Martha is the famed from these sonnets.