He wrote Death of a Salesman in 1948 in a small Connecticut studio.

Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, crushes the ethos of the American Dream....

In Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, Ben Loman is that character.

Hoffmann, Josef
(1852-08-12 ÷ 1942-06-22)
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Why wasthis butcher not"immediately gassed by the Nazis on reaching Auschwitz?" Why did theNazis choose him as a "camp worker" and thus record his name in thedeath books when he died?

Two important symbols in Death of a Salesman are diamonds and the car.

Kitt reported "weakness of old age" as thecause of death.

Despite a casual reduction in the number of deaths by 2.5 million thenumber of Jewish victims who perished in the holocaust of World War IIremains unchanged at 6,000,000.

1,000,000 Source: Jean-Claude Pressac, writing in his 1989 book This isinteresting since he wrote his book to repudiate so-called "Holocaustdeniers" who were called that precisely because they had questioned thenumbers of those who had died at Auschwitz.

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This is something that Arthur Miller conveys in his play Death of a Salesman.

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The play itself is set in the house of Willy Loman, and tells the melancholy story of a salesman whom is in deep financial trouble, and the only remedy for the situation is to commit suicide.

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Itopenly stated that Soviet Russia had supplied the figure of 4 millionJews having been put to death "in the gas chambers of Auschwitz." Thusit was the Judaeo-Communists and the Jews who initially originatedthese figures which today are accepted as "gospel truth".

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Some people think this dream is something automatically granted; or in contrast, as in the story “Death of a Salesman” written by Arthur Miller, as something that has to be achieved in order to be successful in life.

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The International Red Cross had already reported in 1946 that of registered Jewish camp inmates no more than 300,000 could have died, and their records a total 282,077 registered deaths of internees in all German Concentration Camps from causes.

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The untold story of Eisenhower's Rhine Meadows Death Camps—A deliberate policy of extermination of the surrendered German forces by the Allies in post war Germany (Rheinwiesenlager).

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Although true success originates from the heart, achieving it requires hard work and determination. In Death of a Salesman, the characters that are successful are Dave Singleman, Ben and Bernard....