Section 302 – Punishment for murder (death is the onlypenalty).

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Offences under the Act which carry the death penalty are:

In other words, if these countries'political cultures are less pro death penalty that America's, it's because they're lessdemocratic.Seen through American eyes, Canada seems almost totally nonviolent.

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Supreme Court struck down the death penalty as then imposed.

In Malaysia, there are quite a number of offences which carrythe death sentence. Among such offences are those found in thePenal Code, the Internal Security Act 1960 (Revised 1972), theDangerous Drugs Ordinance 1952, the Firearms (Increased Penalties)Act 1971 and the Kidnapping Act 1961. The offences in these Actswill be dealt with in some detail.

Georgiaand reinstated the death penalty but not all stateshave the death penalty.

In states without the death penalty, sentences of 20 years or more were obtained in just more than 40 percent of such cases, but only 5 percent of those were guilty pleas, or just more than a quarter of the number in the death penalty states.

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Yes. All defendants are guaranteed a lawyer for all proceedings following indictment. The Code of Criminal Procedure provides that when an offense is punishable by death, a trial may not be convened without the attendance of counsel. If counsel does not appear, the presiding judge appoints one ex officio. Since amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure in 2004, indigent suspects under investigation for a death-eligible offense are appointed counsel before indictment.

Once a death sentence has been finalized, however, no legal aid is available for retrials or other collateral appeals.

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It implies there is something more inhuman and barbarous, than the mere extinguishment of life."There are those who insist that the Constitution does not support the death penalty.


The Japan Death Penalty Information Center reports six foreign nationals on death row that have had their sentences finalized by the Supreme Court of Japan: five Chinese and one Malaysian. However, almost all death-sentenced prisoners in Japan are Japanese.

Foreign defendants face a language barrier, which the government takes little to no action to overcome; trials and interrogations reportedly take place whether or not interpreters or translators are available.

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therefore, since it is the duty of the Legislature of the electorate, and not the judiciary, to decide whether it is sound public policy to empower the imposing of the death penalty, it is my opinion that if a change is to be made, it should be effected through the legislative process of by the people through the initiative process.US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia confirmed this analysis in 1997 when he said:

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No. Under Japanese law, people who were under 18 at the time of the offense may not be sentenced to death. People under the age of 20 are considered “minors” in the Japanese criminal justice system, and 6 persons who were under the age of 20 at the time of the offense are currently on death row (6 of whom have exhausted their appeals). However, there is no record of a person being sentenced to capital punishment when he was under 18 at the time of the offense.