The act out of causes that relieve them of moral responsibility.

All of morality rests firmly upon the natural human inclination to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

Nevertheless, in this, traditional morality often misleads us.

it induces an abortion, which is contrary to the moral convictions, not just of Catholics, of most conservative Christians and Orthodox Jews, this led to some controversy.

As Kant noted, the worth of moral action is in the intention, not in what is actually done.

The moral hazard of this is palpable.

As Thomas Jefferson said, "The opinions and belief of men depend not on their own will, but follow involuntarily the evidence proposed to their minds." It cannot be a to believe what is true because : The evidence, experience, or authority upon which one's beliefs are based are reasonably to be changed, not by some independent act of moral will, but by demonstrably evidence, experience, or authority.

The moral sanction of , therefore, is a much different matter than the moral sanction of .

It is not merely coincidental that just as all of these events were about to take place, like a good mother, Mary appeared at Fatima calling us back to Christian morality and the prayer of the rosary. Her warning of the consequences of another war went unheeded. There is an important lesson to be learned here if we care about our future. After the beginning of World War I, Pope Benedict XV had added “Queen of Peace” to the litany — within five days she responded at Fatima. The ball is in our court. Prayers do make a difference, and as Abraham found out, even ten people can change history.

The Decline and Fall of the Catholic West

On 27 September 2011 featured a long article on the erosion of the principle of justice with a front page article, "As Federal Crime List Grows, Threshold of Guilt Declines." The continuation of the column on page 12 was headlined, "Age-Old Legal Principle Declines." The says, "Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle worry about the weakening of mens rea." However, this hasn't prevented Congress from continuing to pass laws that are defective in this respect, or prevented the Courts from upholding them.

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Homosexuality is another form of sexual conduct that isbecoming more and more widely accepted in our society. Speak outagainst it in almost any public forum and you will be opposed andridiculed. But God's word still speaks on the subject.

Sexual Morality, the Family, the Bible, and Christians

And if the employer happens to believe the Biblical command, "Everyone who does any of these detestable things -- such persons must be cut off from their people" ( 18:29), then it is a great moral wrong to that employer to associate with someone in a way that will cause a breach of that command, when it does not involve any use of coercion, force, or fraud against anyone else.


Since most churches have some form of business dealings, like retail shops, a general ruling that this makes such organizations businesses could be used to forbid religions to "discriminate" against those who do not profess their doctrinal or moral teachings.

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Romans 1:26,27 - People are here described who refused toproperly honor God, so they soon became involved in grossimmorality involving improper use of their bodies (v20-25).Instead of having a natural desire for a woman, men burned inlust toward other men. This clearly refers to homosexuality, forit is a desire which is natural toward a woman, but not naturaltoward a man. This is condemned as "vile affections,""unseemly," and "error." It is classed withall kinds of other immoralities which lead to spiritual death (v28-32).