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Is fundamentalism nevertheless religious activism of the culturally backward?
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The term Fundamentalism in Christianity and Islam

The scholars said the "Abrahamic" forms of fundamentalism -- Jewish, Christian and Muslim -- constantly affirm the absolute truth of a sacred text or authoritative tradition. These fundamentalisms also emphasize messianic or millennial beliefs in a miraculous culmination of history, with good reigning triumphantly.

This means that the certainty offered by fundamentalist leaders is at best a temporary solution.
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What Is Religious Fundamentalism

[…] attempts to undermine confidence in the validity of the Biblical account of creation and history. Fundamentalism as a movement began within evangelicalism in the early twentieth century as a reaction against […]

Lawrence (1989) views fundamentalism in the context of a struggle with modernism and modernity.
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Fundamentalism developed within evangelicalism, as noted above, as a reaction to the undermining of the credibility of the Bible by liberal Protestantism and the scientific community. The 1878 Niagara Bible Conference established a creed of beliefs akin to fundamentalist concepts; in the 1910s, volumes began to be dispersed regarding “the fundamentals,” and this name would eventually attach itself to the entire movement5. The term (and the movement) gained great popularity in the 1920s, and at this time, evangelicalism and fundamentalism were all but synonymous6.

In accounting for fundamentalism, the impact of the Great Western Transformation comes first.
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At the same time, it is now well known that early American fundamentalist leaders were by and large highly educated urbanites, several from elite institutions, and that in Iran students and merchants played a crucial role in the Islamic Revolution of 1978-1979.

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Yet the very antimodernism of fundamentalists is problematic, due to the ways in which even self-styled fundamentalists are implicated in the culture of modernity.

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In fact, the activist thrust of certain fundamentalists involves important changes in the "tradition" they claim to represent; their traditionalism is in some ways bound to be revolutionary, as the actions taken by the Ayatollah Khomeini in merging political and religious leadership demonstrate.

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American fundamentalists, for example, come from a tradition that used to value religious pluralism and separation of church and state; the differentiating rationality of modern times is by no means alien to them.

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Yet many of the themes in fundamentalist thought derive from recent intellectual developments, such as the individualist premises and post-Newtonian commonsense philosophy that American evangelicals shared with other religious groups.

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With few exceptions, fundamentalists wanting to make a case for change must appeal to modern principles for legitimation; in the process, the radical implications of the fundamentalist stance are moderated.