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For Mary Shelley, the plague serves as a metaphor for the failure of the utopian ideal.
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The ideals or principles of a utopian; ..

94) Trotsky even puts forward a theory in this regard: "Those arguments which were directed against the organization of a labor army are wholly directed against the socialist organization of the economy in our transitional period.

But those who were initiated into the highest rank of the sect could no longer sin.
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Another example of political action motivated by ideological principles is the support given by the socialist states to revolutionary socialist movements and newly formed socialist states.

All who refused to accept a second baptism were expelled after being stripped of their possessions.
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Astrological predictions of calamity were common--famine, rebellion, "when the rivers will flow with blood." There was a saying: "Who does not die in 1523, is not drowned in 1524, is not killed in 1525, shall say that a miracle has happened to him."The invention of printing enormously magnified the effect of these ideas.

Certain of these writings belong to the new literary genre of socialist utopias.
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114)The account of the Utopians includes a description of the prevailing philosophical views of the citizens, based as they are on the notion that pleasure is the supreme goal of life.

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If we look upon More as a martyr who gave his life for the ideals of the Catholic Church, it is striking how remote his Utopia is from any such ideals.

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Utopians compare the contracting of marriage to the selling of a horse, and for this reason, prior to entering into wedlock, the bride is shown to the bridegroom naked--and he to her--for, it is argued, is not the blanket taken off a horse before it is sold?

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This work belongs to utopian literature and contains a detailed

plan of the new society that is based, to a significant degree, on socialist principles.

Some of the most famous cities in history were never built

93) (We shall give more details on slavery in Utopia somewhat later.)In Utopia marriage is monogamous, but there is nothing to indicate whether it is contracted at the will of the bride and groom or is decided by parents or officials.

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..all this is in reality nothing but illusion, error, falsehood, fabrication and deception: these things were first invented

by sly and cunning politicians, repeated by impostors and charlatans, then given credence by ignorant and benighted men from the common folk, and finally supported by the power of monarchs and the mighty who connived at the deceit and error, superstitions and fraudulence, and perpetuated them by their laws so as to bridle the masses in this way and make them dance to their tune." (49: I: pp.

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The whole of relates one way or another to two subjects: criticism of contemporary European society and a description of the ideal state on the island of Utopia.