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Children are openly exposed to nudity until long after they begin torecognize it, whether it be on the bodies of their parents, those of people inopposite-sex bathrooms, or anyone else's body.

First, sexual life begins at birth.

This makes the theoryinaccessible and inconvenient, but that is a criticism that all health care must facethese days, with expensive machinery and long-term therapies involved in such thingsas cancer treatment. Freud should not be credited with something associated with the term "Electracomplex/hypothesis." This is simply something with which Freud did not agree.

With no need to refute him, and no need toelaborate his point, why should I have spent more words on him rather than anothercritic? Popkins states, "Psychoanalysis is a great idea in personality, just aslong as one is a male, who grew up in a two parent house, who had either a sister orfemale playmate at a very young age, with a great memory, and who has lots of moneyand no specific time frame in which one would like one's psychological problemscured." This is a very witty way of pointing out a lot of weak criticisms.

When increases in unpleasure are expected, theyare met by anxiety.

Theanalyst, of course, is more than a shoulder to cry on, but that is a good startingpoint, so I think that free association is a perfectly good method.

We are generally aware of it as ourconscience.

The data are clinical, which makes themsubjective and subject to suggestion, but this is simply unavoidable in studies ofthis nature. As for the criticism of Freud's (over-) use of free association and dreamanalysis, I simply disagree.

Freud addressedit, but only in a fairly scattered way.

This is because they are arguments about psychoanalysis as ascience, and I have conceded in my paper that it is by no means completely scientificin the sense in which these criticisms would be relevant.

Freudalso refers in her work to a notion that W.

Beystehner acknowledges thatpsychoanalysis is a model, so it is necessarily simplified, and also acknowledgesthat the line of oversimplification is hard to draw, but then tries to draw itherself.

The seven stages are essentially as follows.

Plaut The responses to and criticisms of my paper are all a game of give and take, eachone starting off by acknowledging Freud's greatness in one sense or another, but thenundermining him and/or my paper in another way.

The anal stagehas the virtue of will and the issue of autonomy.

It is my hope, along withPlaut, that psychoanalysis will someday be appreciated for its relevance and use intoday's clinical environment.

The latency stage has the virtue of skilland the issue of industry.

It provides greatinsight and can lead to a deeper understanding as to the fundamental problems thatunderline the issues for which a patient has sought help.