which argues that crime increases toward the inner city area

The main instrument of the control of human behavior is , especially fear of .
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Why is Crime So High the nearer you get into the inner-city?

American influence on Canadian street and prison gangs resultsin some gangs adopting American styles of dress, identification,and organization. , a Prairie prison gang that began in Edmonton YoungOffender Centre (E.Y.O.C) in 1994, changed their color from purpleto blue a year after their inception, to mark their supposed affiliationwith the in Arizona and California. After changing their nameto the DDP Crips, they thereafter became known only as the in Alberta, a reputation that lasted until 1998.

Roughly the equivalent of two differing political ideologies, namely, conservatism and liberalism.
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the disintegration of family life

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Repressing crime (often by any means necessary) should be the goal of the cj system
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At each stage of the criminal process individual rights should be safeguarded.
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Youth Deviance: The Labeling Theory Approach

He also noted that these same variables remained the same as the highest crime rates continued to occur in the same parts of the city through several decades

Deviance in Gangs Why Join a Gang - Mega Essays

Adolfe Quételet (a Belgium mathematician) and Andre-Michel Guerry (a French statistician) in Europe during the 1830s and 1840s were the first to do detailed statistical studies of crime.

08 | June | 2013 | Deviance & Social Pathology

YouTube interview of Common (rapper) in which he claims that although Blacks and Latinos created Hip Hop, you don’t have to “be from the ghetto to express Hip Hop.”

Deviance | Sociological Perspectives

According to Emile Durkheim, if the government and dominant culture continue to label gangs and their participants as deviant, violent, and criminal then they will be forced into the deviant role, further enforcing the dominant hierarchy and keeping the minority culture suppressed. With the government forcing gangs and their participants into the deviant role it becomes substantially easier to control the group’s action and influence by only allowing the dominant culture to view gangs in the light of deviance. Overall, subcultures that are majority black are now perceived as deviant and criminal because of the history of social control by the government, entailing labeling gang activity as deviant, creating a racial divide, keeping the minority impoverished. Gangs, to youth, still represent brotherhood and support but have been tainted by the stigma received due to government control of their actions.

Deviance – What does it mean? – Daniel Winsbury …

Bard, T.J. (2014). “The Study of Deviant Subcultures as a Longstanding and Evolving Site of Intersecting Membership Categorizations”. Springer Science and Business Media.

A2 – Crime and Deviance | S.O.S Sociology

Different state governments and national governments attempted to inhibit the growth and impact of groups like the black panther party by defining many of their actions as deviant. By labeling certain actions as deviant there becomes a divide between the white dominant culture and black subcultures, it creates a dynamic of white being viewed as just and superior while framing blackness as deviant and violent