The history of LSDtherapy has been a series of trials and errors.

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His observationsof the LSD effects in these two categories of subjects were publishedin 1947.

“At the time [of the discovery of LSD in 1938…

Today's recreational users of LSD often include people in their late teens and early twenties who are involved in the psychedelic music scene. In the 1990's, LSD was among the ranks of "club drugs" that, along with MDMA and ketamine, was found at dance clubs and large underground parties known as raves. A recent national study suggests LSD use among high school students is declining, and may be at its lowest level in many years.

Another area in which the extraordinary effects of LSD provedextremely helpful was

LSD was first synthesized in 1938, by Albert Hofmann

If we are witnessing the "swansong' of psychedelic research, it would be interesting in retrospectto be able to throw more light on the controversies and lack oftheoretical understanding concerning the nature of the LSD effect.

Althoughthere are regular drug-free interviews in the intervals betweenthe sessions, there is a definite emphasis on the events in theLSD sessions.

In view of all these differences and variations, any comprehensivediscussion of the history of LSD psychotherapy would involve givingseparate descriptions of all the individual therapists and therapeuticteams.

Much research during the years following the discovery of LSDwas aimed at proving or disproving the

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The shock-effect of LSD cannot in itself be consideredtherapeutic; unless it occurs in a specifically structured situation,it can have detrimental rather than beneficial consequences.

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Special preparation,a trusting therapeutic relationship, psychological support, anda specifically structured set and setting are necessary to maketherapeutic use of this aspect of the LSD effect.

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As indicated in the above survey of therapeutic experimentationwith LSD, the efforts to exploit purely pharmacological propertiesof this drug have failed to bring positive results.

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(86) Present opinion is that abreactionis an important component of LSD psychotherapy, but it representsjust one of many therapeutic mechanisms resulting from the complexaction of this drug.

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Many observations from early LSD research clearly indicated thatthe drug can facilitate reliving of various emotionally relevantepisodes from infancy, childhood, or later life.

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In the early period of LSD research, several authors suggestedthat the profound and shattering experience induced by LSD couldhave a positive effect on some patients comparable to the effectof various methods of convulsive treatment such as electroshocks,insulin coma therapy, or cardiazole and acetylcholine shocks.