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But their heroism and devotion are not a thing of the past, they continue today, as strong as ever. In 2001, Ruth Gay was saved by her dog Blue, who fought off a alligator (possibly 12 feet long) after she had fallen behind her house in Florida. In 1998, a woman was pulled from a car fire, started after an accident, by her Rottweiler Eve. And another dog, named Shelby, saved an entire family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Transportation in those days was hard and slow work. The roads were simple dirt tracks, the wagons were pulled by a span of 12 to 16 oxen and these had to be fed, watered and protected from wild animals. The scorching mid-day heat was best avoided and the wagons travelled for four hours before sunrise and for four hours after sunset. During the day men hunted for their meals or saw to various chores around the camp. In these hard times, many men sought out brave and obedient canine companions to keep them company during the cold nights, to accompany them on hunting trips and to act as an extra set of eyes on the restless South African bushveld. Percy FitzPatrick was no different. However, good dogs were hard to come by and FitzPatrick was short on luck.

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Last Days of Pompeii: One of the oldest examples is a dog Delta, who was found alongside the remains of a young boy in the ruins of Pompeii. The remains show clearly that Delta was trying to protect his master, a young boy named Serverinus, from the devastation caused by the volcano. A collar around Delta’s neck revealed that this was not the first time he had tried to save Severinus. Delta saved Severinus three times. Once he pulled the boy out of the ocean and saved him from drowning. Another time Delta fought off four robbers who assaulted Severinus. And finally, Delta protected the boy from an angry wolf they encountered at the sacred grove of Diana. His last act of heroism at Pompeii, however, was not enough. But, almost miraculously, Delta’s heroism is immortalized in the ruins of Pompeii.

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This was the start of many a great adventure. The odd little puppy grew into a great and fearless dog. He was well-liked, well-respected and well-behaved. He lived out his life at Percy’s side with unwavering loyalty and his loving memory inspired many a bedtime story to Percy’s three children. However, it was only when FitzPatrick had made his fortune, settled down to have a family and become an established and well-respected member of society that he took pen to paper at the urging of his children and shared these delightful tales with the rest of the world. ‘Jock of the Bushveld’ was first published in 1907 and it became and instant best seller and a local classic. Since then it has never been out of print and it has been the subject for at least one great South African movie. There is also a statue dedicated to this most faithful companion and it stands in front of the Town Hall in . Jock’s tale is one that will creep into the hearts and minds of any dog-lover, regardless of nationality or race. Get your hands on the book or movie for a heart-wrenching dog-lovers epic.

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Not long into his career as a transport rider, one of his companion’s dogs had a litter of puppies. She was a well-respected bull terrier trail dog, though somewhat unattractive, and she had been covered by a pedigree bull terrier. Five of her six pups were the epitome of their breeding. They were strong, fat and had good colouring. However, one of them was a runt. He was weedy, ill-proportioned and was the victim of constant sibling attack. Since the runt had not been spoken for, Percy slowly came upon the idea of taking him on as his own. However, right at the last moment Percy was offered the pick of the litter. After a night of contemplation, he decided to stick with the little weakling of the litter. He called him Jock and it seemed as if the puppy knew that FitzPatrick was his master from day one. He even followed him home without any coaching.

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A great example to the brains of our 4 legged angels. I have said many times recently, my golden 15 months old has no idea that he has a nose, but recently I think he is starting to discover his noses and put it to use.
Although, I`m not surprised at Murphy, beagles are breed to have incredible noses. They are breed to hunt, but not just hunt. Beagles do something that a lot of hunting dogs do, they cold trail a hunt. What is cold trailing? Take a deer scent or a fox(they both have the same scent), if that deer/fox came walking by the area 1 or days ago and now the beagle walks by that same area, the dog can smell the deer/fox even though it is 1 or 2 days old. A hunter knows by the beagle bark if this is a old trail or new trail. The hotter the trail the louder the bark & the closer the barks will be.
This would explain how Murphy was able to detect Guido`s cancer prior to diagnose.