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David Lee Holt | My Kind of Country

The tunes aremostly by Burrell ("Don't Cry Baby") and very conventional, plusone standard (Cole Porter's "All Of You") and Bud Powell's"Strictly Confidential." (DBW) Frank Butrey, Malicious Delicious (2009)
A prodigiously gifted guitarist and composer, Butrey has so much to say he has trouble staying on one topic: on the opening "Boisterous Voicesterous" (yeah, I know) Butrey starts with frisky, clean comping recalling , moves though turgid isms, then generates -like soundscapes behind solos from Clifton Kellem (bass) and Tony Wyatt (drums).

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Drum Lessons - 1000's of Free Lessons for Drummers!

McLaughlin is positively ferocious, blazing away on track after track - and the rest of the band is just as good:the rhythm section of Billy Cobham (drums) and Rick Laird (bass) can handle the trickiest time signatures ("Meeting Of The Spirits"), synth player Jan Hammer is flashy but solidly musical, and Jerry Goodman's equally speedy violin riffs give them a unique sound.

Blues Magoos 1960’s group on Mercury | …
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Saxophonist Donny McCaslin makes up the bulk of the solo space on tenor and soprano ("Sun Matsuri"); Harvie S (bass) and Gene Jackson (drums) are quite active (see "Noh Country") but in supporting roles.

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