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No matter what ethnic groups are involved, one major result of these marriages are children.

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48. K. Moore & L.J. Waite, "Marital Dissolution, Early Marriage, and Early Child Bearing: Evidence from the National Longitudinal Survey of Young Women." Paper presented at meeting of American Sociological Association, San Francisco, 1978.

Immigration has escalated to over one million each year to the highest level in American history.

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Research has also begun to establish the factors which mediate the post-divorce adjustment of children. The extent and duration of divorce trauma is associated with variables such as the age and sex of the child, inherent changes in parenting effectiveness, the quality of post-divorce relationship between the ex-spouses and between the noncustodial parent and the child, and the economic and environmental changes in the family lifestyle.13-25 In general, the less hostile the separation, the greater the continuity of care, love and approval from both parents, the better will be the child's adjustment following the divorce.26- 27

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In today's society, employment of the wife has become an economic necessity for a large percentage of families. The answer to prevention of separation and divorce is not the denial of women's employment opportunities or an increase in the minimum age for obtaining a marriage license. Instead, an examination of the emerging personal values and social policies in North American society is required.

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Two studies on the etiology of divorce have reported the results of in-depth interviews with divorced persons. Palmer (1971) interviewed 291 couples with children who had initiated divorce proceedings in the mid-sixties in Southwestern Ontario.50 He found the following to be reported causes for marriage breakdown: marriage at an early age, premarital pregnancy, antisocial tendencies particularly on the part of the male, economic unreadiness, employment of the mother, different economic or educational backgrounds, and the untimely arrival of children.

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The America First Party holds that illegal immigration is a grave threat to our Constitutional Republic, our Environment, our National Security, and our Way of Life.

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The third justification was based on popular belief that children of interracial marriages were mentally and physically inferior to pure White race children.12 These racist beliefs concerning the inferiority of mixed race children were not confined to the uneducated masses.

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New Jersey was the next state to decline funding in 2006, with the governor’s office cautioning that accepting the funding may in fact cost the state money because student may require additional sexuality education to clarify the partial and misinformation that is taught in abstinence-only-until-marriage programs.

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These studies can be summarized to present the following picture: Marital stability tends to be positively coelaed with husband's income, joint home ownership, husband's educational status, husband's occupation rank, and similarity of spouses in. race, education, socioeconomic backgrounds, religion., and age Taking into account the interrelatedness of these factors, husband's income emerges as the single most powerful prediction of marriage stability. The resulting theory suggested that husbands with higher incomes produce a greater attraction for the marriage and that couples with more money are more likely to accept marital disharmony rather than lose their financial resources. Recent changes in family law requiring division of assets, along with a greater financial independence of women and increase in supportive social benefits have likely decreased the importance of income as a prediction of divorce. In addition, the early arrival of children and early marriage have often been cited as indicators of subsequent divorce, although these factors are now offset by the current tendency to delay marriage and the dramatic decrease in the birth rate. Finally, divorce is associated with Low church attendance and having been raised in a disrupted home. However, because there are many intervening variables, the apparent effects of intergenerational transmission are small.