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Burn and Reconstructive Centers of America traces its roots to an emergency room in 1978

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At the end of the Civil War two very different plans forreconstructing the nation were offered. Had Lincoln lived perhapshistory would have different. The assassination of Lincoln, however,left the vulnerable Andrew Johnson, a Southerner and former slaveowner with no college education, President. Could he live up toLincoln's ideals? Would he be allowed the opportunity? That is thequestion.

After the Civil War there was a period in the South called the Reconstruction

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These actions by Southern states angered congress. Led by the"Radical Republicans", congress passed sweeping legislation duringthe Reconstruction years. Congressmen Charles Sumner and ThaddeusStevens led the fight and first passed an act to establish theFreedmen's Bureau. Its purpose was to provide education and trainingfor Blacks in their transition from slavery to freedom. Despite thebest efforts of President Andrew Johnson to stop all legislationassisting Blacks, several significant bills were passed. With martiallaw in force in the South, congress could do virtually anything itwanted to. The rebellious states could not vote on the measuresbefore congress, and there were enough votes to override PresidentJohnson's vetoes.

SparkNotes: Reconstruction (1865–1877): Overview

After the Civil War congress was controlled by a group called the"Radical Republicans." Lincoln was able to control them and hadproposed a plan for reconstruction that looked to treating the Southmore like a lost brother returning home. Lincoln looked toreconstruction as a time of healing. The Radical Republicans,however, looked at reconstruction as an opportunity to teach theSouth a lesson and to punish them. In 1866 Congress passed the whichcalled for rather draconian Reconstruction measures. Lincoln vetoedthe bill but thedebate raged.

Reconstruction—the effort to restore southern states to the Union and to redefine African Americans’ place in American society—began before the Civil War ended.