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The end of the wor(l)d as we know it

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Does anyone remember a kids movie about a family that has to get rid of their dog because the snooty neighbor ladys dog dosnt like him! The little boy who is about 10 decides to run away with his dog to save him from the pound! There was a song on there that kinda goes like this , The dogs name have to be toghther! They end up finding the boy because his sister finally decides to tell her parents because she knows her brother could get hurt! The dog does nit get sent away! Please help me find this movie!

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Please help me find this Movie!
It´s about a small dog (White I think) who gets left behind when his owner has to move. The owner is an old lady.¨
The dog runs away to find her and on the journey he finds a dog friend who later on gets killed by a car (if a remember correctly) The dog gets a lift by a motorcyclist as well
In the end he reaches the new place but the old lady gets in a car so the dog runs after and then she hears him and stops the car (of course!)

Rejoice: fall is on the end of languge as we know it its way And if youre planning a trip to see the leaves change

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I remember watching a movie when i was really young and i don’t know what the name is.
All i remember is that there was a Boy and a Dog. Once the Dog became sick or something and was about to die. The family took the dog to a doctor or some kind of scientist or something. This Doctor guy injects something into the dog and the dog not only becomes normal but also get some powers, the doctor then checks the dog by throwing a very bouncy ball and the dog calculates what is going to happen and catches the ball. The movie end by the Boy throwing a frisbee high up in the air and the dog jumping and catching it.

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hi i am lookin for a movie i dnt know what it’s call but it was about 2 girls in an orphelina in a day they found a small brown dog they take him and take care of then a family without kids a husband and a wife they take this 2 girls without knowing that tehy have a dog then they went to a hotel which the director dont like animals to enter hotels when the family knows that these 2 sisters have a dog and the husband has an allergy over dogs they decide to let the dog go one of the 2 girls gone with the dog without telling her sister and at the end of the movie the dog catch 2 burglars who want to steal the hotel the 2 burglars stapped the dog but the dog did not dead…anyone can help about its name plz thank you

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Once upon a time there was this movie… yes it’s true 😉
Okay the movie is about a large dog (a German Shepherd I think), the dog is supposed to be either a police dog or a army dog (can’t remember) but the dog is very bad at it. I reemember that the dog is put in a dog Kennel and this young man hear the trainers talking about putting the dog down. The young man is taking care of the dogs and starts training the dog after work, to rescue the dog from death. They become friends.
Do any of you know the name of this movie?

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HI, I will add my name to this list of needing to find a movie for my mom. she said she saw it on TV back in the early 1990’s or even earlier. said it starred a German Shepard that saw his master killed by a man and through the movie the dog was determined to find that man. Its in the Yukon era, they have a cabin by a lake. The man that owned the dog had another man there and i guess they found some gold and the one man killed the other and stole the Gold. and the German Shepard hunts down the man that killed his master. The man that did kill his master also thought he killed the German Shepard but only nicked him. She said it was heart warming and is good for 10 year old to see, shows how one dog that is loved can do anything to avenge his master. my mom said she is not sure if the man kills himself to get away from the dog at the end because he is driven crazy or if he gives himself up to the police. But its a good dog lovers movie and worth seeing she said. I would like to see it but don’t know what its called. Anyone seen this movie before? Any help would be great. Thank you