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No, to those who cannot undertsand, i am not blaming women but governments..

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They make breast pumps for a reason. I've watched people fall into severe bouts of depression and do serious emotional harm to themselves from having to sit at home alone with their infant/toddler all day, every day while hubby gets to go to work and interact with actual adults and be a functioning member of society. It gets to the point where they NEED to get out and work, even if it's just a little, even if it means putting the kid in daycare or finding a babysitter, just so Mom can stay sane and connected with reality. It's not good for the mother nor the child, to be cooped up like that without any choice, just because "that's what women ought to do." That's why the equal-time parental leave that for example the Scandinavian countries offer is such a good idea - women might be doing good for society by raising their children well, but they also need a chance to be a functioning part of that society and develop physically and mentally. Otherwise you end up with hysterical, uneducated, bored women and men who are incapable of understanding or empathizing with their wives or their children. Which sounds like the last several hundred years of Western history.

No, to those who cannot undertsand, i am not blaming women but governments..

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Actually, no, they're not. At least where I work (in California), sexism is sexism and is not tolerated in the workplace. Anyone who insists that women have the right to trash men based on their gender in the workplace is wrong.

cleo; Ok, but the point is we are no longer in the 70's where Butler made jokes about clippies and women had less rights under the law then men. We are now at a stage where some women, not all, want a higher footing. They want to have as many kid s as they like subsidised by tax payers (In UK average 5K a year until five for care subsidies) and have lots of time off when another worker is working. At theame time they expect equal pay as the worker who has not had time off and been subsidised by the taxpayer.

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Women are differnet. Where are the world champion women boxers, footballers or wrestlers? They are in a differnet league because they are different. Women are better at some things and can do things a man cannot do, so we are naturally different. Equality for pay is fine if teh owman does not burden the company with maternity leave and them hiring temp staff, As i said before is it equal for a women to have lots of kids in her career and expect the same wage as someone, male or female who has worked many more years?

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Orcale, when I start seeing dolls and firetrucks grown on trees and the little male tigers go for the firetruck, I will give you the "nature" debate. Until then, nope. "Account" for tomboys? Ever thought it was their environment? I grew up in a neighbourhood full of boys - my sister and I were the only girls. I am sure you can guess what type of kid I was - and still am. I prefer "boys" things over "girlie" things. Environment. Had I grown up with a bunch of girls, I probably would like shopping and all the other BS some women seem to enjoy.

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So Cleo, based on your comments about bottle feeding, women who can't breastfeed are worse off mothers than those who can? There is nothing wrong with using a bottle!! In YOUR opinion does looking after a kid trump looking after a kid and going to work. Again, your age is showing. For a women who goes on about supporting other women, you are very judgmental towards those who work and don;t want to stay home and be Betty Crocker.

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Treat equal ok, but by the length of time at work. I don't like picking up the tab so some women can have kids sent to care places to buy more material things. It is meaningless and wrong.

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I've seen families where the husband looks after the kids and the wife works and, of course, vice versa, families where one or other partner is hardly ever there, posted abroad or getting home really late. I've seen great women bosses and lousy ones, wonderful men bosses and hopeless ones.