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The Chinese sample return mission has yet to receive formal approval, but national space officials and the NSSC's primary contractor, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), which is building the 2020 Mars spacecraft, have been discussing the mission publicly, according to Jones. In addition, China published a in 2016 that discusses "key technological research on the bringing back of samples from Mars."

NASA hopes to use this flight time to scope out possible landing sites for a future human mission to Mars.

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NASA's Curiosity Mars rover used a new drill method to produce a hole on February 26 in a target named Lake Orcadie. The hole marks the first operation of the rover's drill since a motor problem began acting up more than a year ago. 

“The polar plume is one of the main processes for atmospheric loss at Mars, which is the main objective of the MAVEN mission,” said McFadden.

The $671-million MAVEN spacecraft’s goal is to study Mars’ tenuous upper atmosphere in detail for the very first time by any spacecraft and to explore the mechanisms of how the planet lost its atmosphere and life-giving water over billions of years, as well as determine the rate of atmospheric loss.

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Mars Pathfinder is the second in NASA's Discovery program of low-cost spacecraft with highly focused science goals. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, developed and manages the Mars Pathfinder mission for NASA's Office of Space Science, Washington, D.C. JPL is a division of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). The IMP was developed by the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory under contract to JPL. Peter Smith is the Principal Investigator.

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The style of slickly produced fictional promotional material mirrors the tack taken by Ridley Scott with his 2012 film Prometheus, which also featured similar videos—like , or about artificial intelligence. With The Martian, it appears very likely that this is only the first in a string of video diaries chronicling the Ares 3 flight to Mars in near real time—pilot Rick Martinez explains to Watney that the trip is scheduled to take 150 days, and the film is as of today 170 days from release.

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The teaser takes the form of an in-universe "video diary" showing Watney and the rest of the crew of the fictional Ares 3 mission preparing to leave for their trip to Mars on the spacecraft Hermes. Somewhat presciently, it starts out with Watney briefly struggling to set up a video camera—something he’ll likely be doing with great regularity once he finds himself marooned on Mars.

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For years, NASA has talked about sending people to Mars with its gigantic new rocket, the Space Launch System, and a new spacecraft called Orion.

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The first of those five would send NASA's unrelated Europa Clipper probe to Jupiter, where it would study an icy moon with a that may be . Four other missions would each launch a piece of a new space station, called the Deep Space Gateway, into orbit near the moon — a region called cislunar space — where four astronauts would help assemble and provision it.