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Selecting a service provider is an important decision for persons accessing the OCDD service delivery system. In an effort to assist persons/families with making an informed decision, OCDD has developed a questionnaire to be completed by the service provider. By taking a few minutes to complete this questionnaire you will be able to describe all the supports, services and specialties that your agency has to offer to those we serve. OCDD will make the information available on our webpage, freedom of choice listing, for persons/families to review. If your agency is interested in providing this information, please complete the questionnaire and submit it electronically to . You can access the form by clicking .

This was a nation founded on dissent, on the proud notion that all people are free to speak and believe what they choose.

Montessori and Freedom of Choice

If you never consent to give up your rights to life, liberty, or property and do not surrender any of your rights to the government by your choice of citizenship and domicile, then you are sovereign and immune from the jurisdiction of all federal courts as a "stateless person" and a "foreign sovereign".

Freedom of Choice allows members to invest in ASX listed shares and over 150 wholesale diversified and sector funds, including a comprehensive range of Socially Responsible Investment options to suit all types of investors and all types of investment needs.

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There are many things that we do not know today, and Dr Chalko acknowledges limitations. Then, he demonstrates to the astonished reader, that the lack of details is actually no obstacle in using our Individual Intellects to discover and prove the Purpose of the entire Universe for ourselves.

The Freedom of Choice doesn’t just focus on the material reality of the Universe, like many theories that leave the entire humanity ignored and wondering in a "limbo". One of the many highlights of the book is the comprehensive and satisfying explanation of the reason for autonomy, individuality, intellect and the free will of every human being in the Universe.

Written by a competent scientist and academic, The Freedom of Choice is a fascinating reading for anyone intelligent – from a high school student to the top scientist on the planet - in any discipline.

The Freedom of Choice is entertaining and provocative, and yet, its clear logic and rational conclusions can withstand the highest scientific scrutiny.

Dr Chalko uses a simple language, illustrated by the simplest possible examples and vivid analogies – and yet his book is a major challenge for imagination and intelligence, even for an advanced intellect.

"Prepare your imagination and intellect to stretch to the limits you never thought possible" says Dr Chalko in the introduction.

"If you can meet the challenge, even to a limited extent, you will know for sure your place and perspectives in the Universe. You will no longer need to "believe" anyone and anything. YOU WILL KNOW." - promises Dr Chalko.

Wouldn’t you like to see your life from the widest perspective imaginable? Wouldn’t you like to KNOW what is really going on in the Universe and WHY? Why did it happen? Why it HAD TO happen? Wouldn’t you like to discover and prove it all without moving from your armchair?

The implications of The Purpose of the Universe described by Dr Chalko in The Freedom of Choice are so profound for every individual human being, that humanity on Earth may choose to take the totally new direction...

We can continue as we are – without any awareness of the Grand Plan of the Universe. Actually, "Some people seem stuck so much, that they won’t change unless they are born again" – warns Dr Chalko.

Can anyone achieve anything in the Universe without knowing what it is?

Read The Freedom of Choice today. It is beautiful and unforgettable.

Choice involves decision making

If you are a provider and would like to be added to the listing OR if you are a provider and would like to make changes regarding your current information, please complete the Medicaid Freedom of Choice List for Waiver Services - Provider Request Form, click (Updated).

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Freedom to Choose is a not-for-profit association which is funded by donations from the general public and has no connections with the tobacco or pharmaceutical industries.