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A documented list of the complete military history of France.

Anyway, America eventually went to war with itself, and the West Point generals from the South battled the West Point generals from the North, and then we hooked back up with France and Britian and together kicked the crap out of the Axis.

French Military Victories.

The last decisive  (roughly from 1428 to 1453) was thoroughly won by the French and ended Anglo-French military rivalry on the European continent.

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The enormous victory leads to the Treaty of Tilsit and leaves France as the overwhelming military power on the European continent.

It also includes actions in which only French peoples participated or in which they participated decisively (the Crimean , for example, be listed here as a French military because France supplied , of the 660,000 Western troops and French troops out the important attacks at Malakoff; the other Western participants were Britain and Sardinia.

-Prussian Campaign (1806): The French under Napoleon inflict the worst military defeat in Prussian history.

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The military chief, Gen Pierre de Villiers, said in a resignation statement on Wednesday that he no longer felt able to command the sort of armed forces “that I think is necessary to guarantee the protection of and the French people”.

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Marshal of France denoted with a "seven-star" insignia was last conferred to Generals Leclerc (1902-1947) in 1952, Alphonse Juin (1888-1967) in 1952, and Marie Pierre Koenig (1898-1970) in 1984. General of Group of Armies (General de Groupe d'Armees) was a former rank (notably for the Paris Military District - Général d'Armée Commandant de Paris, the Army General in Command of Paris) in position just below that of Marshal of France. It may have been denoted with a "six-star" insignia. The "six-star" insignia in the French Army has reportedly only been worn once, by Joseph Gallieni (1849-1916) while he held the rank General de Division during World War I at a time when he was military governor of Paris. While usually not listed in French rank insignia, the "one-star" insignia has been used in the French military. The "one-star" insignia denoted an appointment of a colonel to command a brigade (Général de Brigade) or a superior echelon normally commanded by a general. Including the "one-star" insignia, the ranks of Marshal of France and General of Group of Armies become, in effect, the "seven-star" and "six-star" ranks of the insignia they would display.

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The row began last week when a government minister revealed in a newspaper interview that – despite assurances that the French military budget would rise – there would be a surprise €850m cut to military finances as Macron seeks to slash public spending.

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Macron’s speech surprised military observers and was seen by some as a shocking humiliation of De Villiers. Meanwhile, Macron’s entourage said he was simply asserting the French president’s constitutional role as commander-in-chief of the army.

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