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Playing Card Games - Speculation

This method
saves the time of going all round with the hands, when with so high
a card turned up there are so few chances of either of the players having
a better one, as to virtually put an end to all speculation that hand.

During the progress of the game either of the players may sell the card
which it is his turn to expose.

I fully expect the Yankees to manhandle the Twins in the WC game, whichever of those two guys takes the mound.

Unsolved Mysteries, Theories, and Speculation - Game …

If it proves to be a higher card of the trump suit than that already
exposed, he becomes the chief hand, and may either retain the card, with
the ultimate prospect of winning the pool, or he may sell it to either of
the other players if a speculation can be arranged.

Might not this wild speculation turn out to be the tulip bulb bubble of the 21st century eventually?

To the extent that Bitcoin has any fundamental value other than speculation it is as an alternative private means of transaction payment. One of its main attraction is the limited amount of bitcoins that can be created. From what I have read the validation process relies on complex computer programs that become more expensive to run over time running up more costs for electricity, etc. for those maintaining the records. Eventually the finite limit is reached when no more coins are created.

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