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In the 1800’s the ideas of good and evil were easily explained through God and Satan.

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Gollum played his own special role in "The Lord of the Rings". He showed Frodo and Sam a secret way to Mordor. If he hadn't been on Orodruin at the right time, Frodo would have become a new Master of the Ring. However, Gollum bit off Frodo's finger along with the Ring, but, having slipped, fell into the fire.

In the 1800’s the ideas of good and evil were easily clarified through God and Satan.

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The most innocent and simple ways that of would define evil is by simply saying that evil is the exact opposite of good, but what is good.

The majority of literary critics interpret this popular myth to be the opposition of good and evil, they turn a blind eye to the more specifically literary matters such as method of narration, characterization, and style.

Through the boys, Golding attempts to expose the true nature of humankind, the good, the evil, and the in between.

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Of course, Gollum is a negative character. Although, he hates both Good and Evil, he takes neither side. In the War of the Ring he plays for himself, strives to reach only his aims. He can be tamed, but, for the sake of what?

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By clearly demonstrating the relationship between the dualistic ideas of intuition versus logic, good characters facing figures comparable to the devil, and symbolism within the natural world, Bram Stoker effectively recounts a “holy war” between the antagonistic forces of good and evil....

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Shortly after that Aragorn caught Gollum and brought him to Gandalf. Gollum was terribly afraid of everything and his tale was incoherent, "together with much snivelling and snarling". He had strange hopes towards Evil and thought he "had good friends now, good friends and very strong. They would help him. Baggins would pay for it".

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Society cannot predict who the bullies will be but the majority of human beings are good so laws, and social conventions are there to keep the evil from hurting the good.

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Gollum is the most mysterious and contradictory character in the fantasy adventure "The Lord of the Rings". He got his nickname from a clicking sound he made from time to time with his throat which sounded like "gollum". Such noises could express practically anything: excitement and delight, sadness and fury, and other feelings.

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In order to understand the true meaning of evil, we must first be able to describe what good is, what has goodness produced, and what has evil truly defied....