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[Vol 1]
Containing a natural, civil, ecclesiastical, historical, and topographical description thereof.
by Smith, Charles
Published in 1815, Printed by J.

among economic dominants, observable in the history of life as well as in the ..

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Natural history has become a more inclusive subject in recent times, embracing many diverse, focused scientific disciplines. Modern natural history museums, for example, often include elements of anthropology, geology, paleontology, ecology, and astronomy besides botany and zoology. Historically, however, it usually has been associated with the observational study of plants and animals in their environments.

APA Citation. Frank, Robert H. (2007) The economic naturalist :in search of explanations for everyday enigmas New York : Basic Books,

"It is important to the future of Portland that the quarries are recognized for their historic significance. It was the acquisition of brownstone that first drew settlers to this location, developing an industry famous the world over. Shipyards were built in town to accommodate the transportation of this construction material to New York and California and even to Europe! The very existence of Portland depended on the economic value of the brownstone quarries.

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