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“I dropped out of show business once,” he often confesses in his act. “But nobody noticed.”
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“Contractor” means any individual or other legal entity that—

As responsive, respect is object-generated rather than whollysubject-generated, something that is owed to, called for, deserved,elicited, or claimed by the object. We respect something not becausewe want to but because we recognize that we have to respect it (Wood1999); respect involves “a deontic experience”—theexperience that one must pay attention and respondappropriately (Birch 1993). It thus is motivational: it is therecognition of something “as directly determining our willwithout reference to what is wanted by our inclinations” (Rawls2000, 153). In this way respect differs from, for example, liking andfearing, which have their sources in the subject's interests ordesires. When we respect something, we heed its call, accord it itsdue, acknowledge its claim to our attention. Thus, respect involvesdeference, in the most basic sense of yielding: self-absorption andegocentric concerns give way to consideration of the object, one'smotives or feelings submit to the object's reality, one is disposed toact in obedience to the object's demands.

(2) A designee authorized by the agency head to impose debarment.
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(2) A designee authorized by the agency head to impose suspension.

In accordance with Public Law 103-355, Section 2455 (, note), and Executive Order 12689, any debarment, suspension or other Governmentwide exclusion initiated under the Nonprocurement Common Rule implementing Executive Order 12549 on or after August 25, 1995, shall be recognized by and effective for Executive Branch agencies as a debarment or suspension under this subpart. Similarly, any debarment, suspension, proposed debarment or other Governmentwide exclusion initiated on or after August 25, 1995, under this subpart shall also be recognized by and effective for those agencies and participants as an exclusion under the Nonprocurement Common Rule.

“Unfair trade practices” means the commission of any or the following acts by a contractor:
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(2) When suspending a contractor from the award of acquisition contracts and from the purchase of Federal personal property, the suspension notice shall so indicate and the appropriate FAR and FPMR citations shall be included.

(a) The General Services Administration (GSA)—
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(5) Termination date for each listing;

When she reported for duty, she was assigned to an assistant editor, just a year or two older than herself, who'd only been employed for a few months. The assistant's workspace was crowded, with papers, books, and CDs everywhere. It was clear they would be busy.

(1) Obtain password(s) from GSA to access SAM for data entry;

What wasn't clear was why the assistant took a cold look at the intern in her smart new clothes and then ordered her to go under the desk and organize the morass of papers stored there. She was not to pull the material out and sort it elsewhere, she was to stay under the desk until it was all done.

(1) The name of the subcontractor;

A soccer mom yelling at her kid on the sideline, an executive telling his assistant to skip lunch and go pick up his dry cleaning, a tenured professor taking credit for research done by a grad student -- all of this is rankist and has to stop.

The debarring official may debar—

Apparently, in the hours it took, the assistant sat at the desk talking on the phone, swinging her legs back and forth, occasionally kicking the intern as she spun.

(a) A contractor for a conviction of or civil judgment for—

When I was first told this story, I was so shocked I laughed. But my revulsion was nothing compared to what the former intern must feel every time she recalls that morning.

(1) Commission of fraud or a criminal offense in connection with—

(2) Provides for the listing of contractors debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, and declared ineligible (see the definition of “ineligible” in ); and