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2017 Menzies’ auction on 30 November in Sydney offer 186 lots..
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Rosscarbery: Landscape and People

– John Paine (1834-1915)
– Otto Pareroultja
– Colin Parker (1941-)
– Colleen Parker
– Mike Parr
– John Peart
– L Scott Pendlebury
– John Perceval (1923-2000)
– Adelaide Perry
– Gloria Petyarre (1945-)
– Patricia Piccinini
– William Pidgeon
– W C Piguenit
– Fernando Pizzani (1957-)
– Evert Ploeg
– Axel Poignant (1906–1986)
– Peter Powditch
– Harold Septimus Power
– Margaret Preston (1875-1963)
– Thea Proctor
– Geoffrey Proud (1946-)
– John Skinner Prout (1805-1876)
– Clifton Pugh (1924-1990)
– Peter Purves-Smith
– Minnie Pwerle (1910-2006)

English Landscape Painting (1700-1900): Origins, History, Development, Styles, Artists
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March 2016 – Page 9 – El Paso County Historical Society

This was the landscape that was encountered by the first people that arrived in West Cork. Several stone monuments survive on ridges around Rosscarbery but are not generally visible in the low-lying areas of the coast. This is because this part of the early archaeological record has been submerged by the tide – studies of buried sediments have shown, not only, that the sea level rose all along the south coast of Ireland after the last glaciation, but also, that levels continued to increase for thousands of years, smothering low-lying sites that contained records of earlier human and animal activity. This environmental change may be illustrated by a piece of local history.

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Allen (1803-52), one of the founders of the Society of British Artists, and William Shayer (1788-1879), WF Witherington (1785-1865), Alfred Vickers (1786-1868), William Collins (1788-1847), FR Lee (1799-1879), W Linton (1791-1876), G Cole (1810-83), were other painters whose work contributed to the generally high level of landscape at this time.

Greta Bridge by John Sell Cotman – my daily art display
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