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See what it takes tounderstand and fix it when the original programmers are notaround.

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Levels of Programming Languages

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Clearly, interactive mode makes learning easier for the piano, and also for programming.

Once achieved productive teamwork willcontinue even asrules are changed to fit your company's specific needs.
Thisshows how Extreme Programming's rules work together.

Given these criteria, my recommendations for a first programminglanguage would be  or.

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One way to change the level order is to use on the factor and specify the order directly. In this example, the function could be used instead of .

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In this context, a low-level language corresponds closely to machine code, so that a single low-level language instruction translates to a single machine-language instruction. A high-level language instruction typically translates into a series of machine-language instructions.

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High-level languages permit faster development of large programs. Thefinal program as executed by the computer is not as efficient, but thesavings in programmer time generally far outweigh the inefficiencies ofthe finished product. This is because the cost of writing a program isnearly constant for each line of code, regardless of the language. Thus, ahigh-level language where each line of code translates to 10 machineinstructions costs only one tenth as much in program development as alow-level language where each line of code represents only a singlemachine instruction.

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In addition to the distinction between high-level and low-levellanguages, there is a further distinction between and . Let's take a look at thevarious levels.

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In short, if you were, say, aBasic programmer, you could learn to write programs in the style ofBasic using C++ syntax, but you couldn't learn what C++ isactually good (and bad) for.

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The very lowest possible level at which you can program acomputer is in its own native machine code, consisting of strings of 1'sand 0's and stored as binary numbers. The main problems with using machinecode directly are that it is very easy to make a mistake, and very hard tofind it once you realize the mistake has been made.