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They want to give their children a life that neither one of them have never had before.

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As a result, Buck implements these real-life situations so that we readers have a basic understanding of what goes over our heads on a day to day basis.

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3. Americans Like to Fight; Canadians Don’t
If you consider the 3+ wars America has going on, you would think that is all they do. Keep in mind America is also the home to countless hippies and peaceful protestors of war and violence as is Canada. If you base it on averages, you’re likely to find Canadians more in favor of peaceful means than Americans, but again, averages don’t apply to all. Ever watched hockey? Fighting is a part of the game!

This would be reflected by the fact that more abusivedrinking appeared to be the norm within dominant religious groups in theUS and the American Jews were following this pattern, The Canadian Jewswere more able to maintain the norms of less abusive drinking within theirgroup due to cohesiveness.

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Finally, the authors examine whether Canada has a more equitable distribution of health outcomes, as might be expected in a single-payer system with universal coverage. To do so, they estimate the correlation across individuals in their personal income and personal health status and compare this for the two countries. Surprisingly, they find that the health-income gradient is actually more prominent in Canada than in the U.S.

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Years back there was an ad campaign for one of our beers, Molson, that was called ‘The Rant’ and it was about the things that make us Canadian and not American. It’s one of those commercials that no Canadian ever forgets but upset a lot of Americans.
But yeah… check it out on YouTube if you get a chance… plays into most of those stereotypes you mentioned.

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In the final section of their paper, the authors consider several measures of the success of the two health care systems. The first and perhaps simplest measure is the level of satisfaction reported by patients. Americans are more likely to report that they are fully satisfied with the health services they have received and to rank the quality of care as excellent.

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The authors also examine wait times, which are often cited as a problem in Canada. Though comparative information is limited, available data indicate much longer waits in Canada than in the U.S. to consult a specialist and to have non-emergency surgery like knee re-placements. The authors can also draw some inferences from a question about unmet medical needs. While the incidence of unmet needs is slightly lower in Canada (11 percent, vs. 14 percent in the U.S.), it is interesting to note that waiting time is cited as the reason by over half of Canadians who report unmet needs. By contrast, cost is cited as the reason by over half of Americans. The importance of long waits in Canada was recently highlighted by the Chaoulli case in Quebec which successfully challenged the government ban on private provision of medical services covered by the Canadian system. Private services are expected to alleviate shortage of facilities under the system and reduce wait times. Cases are being brought in other provinces.

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Haha no problem. It’s awkward sometimes because when I’m overseas (or even at home) I hear people making those generalizations and I laugh at them and make a few of my own, despite the fact that I know most of them apply to Canada as well. But you know… I don’t want to be beheaded either.