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Best known for his 1789 and 1793 journeys to the Arctic and Pacific coasts, Mackenzie was the first European to traverse the continent north of Mexico. Although his ideas for reorganizing the were rejected at the time, some of them were adopted in the nineteenth century. One of the great explorers of Canadian history, Mackenzie’s legacy includes the mighty , as well as several places in , including Fort Alexandria (now a National Historic Site), the town of , and Sir Alexander Mackenzie Provincial Park. Several schools in Canada have also been named in his honour.

Several other officers were also executed according to Macedonian law, in order to eliminate the alleged attempt on Alexander's life.

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Sir Alexander Mackenzie, , explorer (born around 1764 near Stornoway, Scotland; died 12 March 1820 near Dunkeld, Scotland). Mackenzie was one of Canada’s greatest explorers. In two epic journeys for the in 1789 and 1793, he traversed the dense northern wilderness to reach the Arctic and Pacific . The first European to cross North America, he inspired subsequent adventurers and traders, such as the famous Lewis and Clark expedition sponsored by the American military (1804–6). The , named in his honour, symbolizes Mackenzie’s important place as a pioneer and fur trader in Canadian history.

His great character and values were two of the things that made Alexander the Great a well-known individual in history.

Alexander the Great, according to the biographer Arrian, “would not have been born without the intervention of the gods” and goes on to say that his life “surpasses the merely human.” Alexander, according to early historians, achieved success because of his superior intellect, creativity, and inhuman military strength and courage....

Alexander the Great was one of the best military commanders in history, as he spread his empire until his own troops tired of fighting....