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A detailed study of Chicago's first urban renewal project is of interest because it showed the central role that can be played by a major university--in this case, the University of Chicago. A university can be especially potent, this case suggests, when it has direct ties to both the downtown business community and the Democratic political machine. In Chicago, the university provided aid to various planning and citizens' groups in the formative years between 1949 and 1953 and became even more open in its participation after that time. Utilizing its trustees' connections to city government, it lobbied vigorously for the first city project to be located in the area surrounding the university (Rossi & Dentler, 1961).

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The machines were run by a boss who in turn had precinct captains,ward captains and district captains underneath him. All of them madesure that the poor has what they needed. They also made sure thepoor voted... for them!

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Political machines began to decline in importance after 1900. Ledby Thomas Nast's cartoons the Tammany Hall machine came downand others soon followed.

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Political machines also often accepted payments from criminalenterprises in exchange for protection from police interference withtheir activities. In New York City, for example, protection moneypaid by gambling and prostitution rackets offered the infamouspolitical machine led by William Marcy Tweed a steady source ofincome during the mid-19th century. On election day, a massed army ofsmall-time thugs and hoodlums returned the favors of the Tweed Ringby stuffing ballot boxes with votes for Tweed and intimidatingvoters.

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To the shock and dismay of land-based elites, the workers who poured into the cities between 1870 and 1920 challenged elite rule through Democratic Party machines and the Socialist Party. So the growth elites created a "good government" ideology and a set of "reforms" that literally changed the nature of local governments and took them out of the reach of the upstarts.

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Machines would grant jobs and government building contracts tothose that did them favors. Sometimes the favor was voting and partywork in getting others to vote. In the case of business, however,money was the key. When the machine gave out a contract to havesomething built it was expected that they would get moent back inreturn in the form of kickbacks. The contract would then costthe city more then it needed to be. In paying fo the building andkickback the city would raise taxes. In short, the taxpayers wererobbed! This was known as graft.

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For once doomsday-machine politics becomes the norm, anything is fair game. Give us what we want, or we’ll cut off Medicare. Give us what we want, or we’ll destroy Social Security.

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The most typical way of intensifying land use is growth, and this growth usually expresses itself in a constantly rising population. A successful local elite is one that is able to attract the corporate plants and offices, the defense contracts, the federal and state agencies, and/or the educational and research establishments that lead to an expanded work force. An expanded work force and its attendant purchasing power in turn lead to an expansion of retail and other commercial activity, extensive land and housing development, and increased financial activity. It is because this chain of events is at the core of any developed locality that the city is for all intents and purposes a "growth machine," and those who dominate it are a "growth coalition."