Faris, "Magical Realism Theory, History, Community"163


Faris, "Magical Realism Theory, History, Community" 167.

MARY SUE: A character beloved by the author but often despised by readers and editors--an unrealistic character with overly idealized behavior who lacks any perceivable flaws--especially one serving as a fantasy for the author. This term is an from a character in Paula Smith's 1973 parody, "A Trekkie's Tale," and in subsequent decades became popular among editors in science-fiction publishing houses to refer to poorly written, annoying, and unlikely characters written by amateur authors.

The purpose of this research is to enable students to compare and contrast the Magical Realism from the other styles in literature and the art.

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In fact, scandals are the motor of a magical realist work, the force that leaves the reader breathless and the controversy is often the fuel inside of each story; for example in "Simple Maria" Isabel Allende starts: "Simple Maria believed in love.

Teacher will show a power point presentation with paintings from magical realism to visually represent the idea of

Students will become familiar with some writers of Magical Realism in Latin America and the world.The second part will introduce students to the literary work of Isabel Allende and the reading of "Two Words".

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Faris in Magical Realism Theory, History, Community writes: "…irreducible element of magic something we can not explain according to the laws of the universe as we know them."(5) Often, this phenomenon is present since the beginning of a magical realist literary piece; they are outrageous in nature, but portrayed as believable.

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Like Garcia Marquez, Allende travels throughout Latin America with her characters without revealing the identity of the towns, cities or villages: "…these fictions question received ideas about time space, and identity."(4) In addition to the fact that magical realist style leaves the setting shadowy to emphasize more its surreal nature, authors use the presence of an inexplicable supernatural phenomenon.

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"Magical realism combines realism and the fantastic in such a way that magical elements grow organically out of the reality portrayed."(3) In the magical realist novel or short story, events and characters complement one another even though the setting is most of the time an enigma.

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That had been prophesied on the day he was born and confirmed by the proprietress of the general store on the occasion he had permitted her to read his fortune in the coffee dregs."(6) Styles in magical realist work depend on the author.

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Magical realism, according to Luis Leal, "is an attitude toward reality that can be expressed in popular or cultured form, in elaborate or rustic styles, in open or closed structures."(2) Authors such as Allende with The Stories of Eva Luna or the House of the Spirits, and ultimately One Hundred Years of Solitude of Garcia Marquez, praise these rustic environments with events and surprises where the abnormal translates into the ordinary.

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Though today magical realism, as a literary current, is flourishing, its roots go back to the beginning of the last century with authors such as Kafka with Metamorphosis.