Now you can make your monster dance, sing, sneeze, shout or blow up!

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Have your child make their very own canvas bag for Trick-or-Treating with our handprint ghost trick-or-treat bag craft! They can turn their own handprint into a happy ghost and the addition of glow-in-the-dark paint makes this bag even more fun.

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Our styrofoam spider craft is a great bug craft for kids! With all the great textures involved in this Styrofoam Spider your kids are sure to want to make one for themselves. It makes a unique Halloween decoration and looks great set on a table or hung from a tree limb.

Your child will love this fun Halloween sock puppet bat craft. It is easy to make with a little felt, glue and a child-sized black sock. They will have lots of Halloween fun "flying" their sock puppet bat around the house.

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Have your kids make their own paper trick-or-treat bags! They can pick their favorite design and our provided template makes the rest of the craft that much easier. This is a great Halloween craft for kids and is sure to get them excited about the big Trick-or-Treat night coming up.

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This cute and popular preschool Halloween song is even better when you have a craft to go along with it. Our five craft foam pumpkins sit on our popsicle stick gate till they roll out of sight. Our daughter loved making this cute Halloween craft and we hope your children will too.

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Lecture: Now that we’ve fleshed out our antagonist, how do you get your audience to respond to your villain’s maniacal desire? This week, we tackle exactly how to pepper your manuscript with flecks of bad guy pathos, how to get the audience to respond with compassion to even the most downright diabolical deeds, and how to effectively place these nuggets of sympathy throughout your manuscript to create a villain your reader won’t soon forget.

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Assignment: With the aid of a checklist, you’ll fully realize your villain by delving deep into their psyche to figure out what makes them tick. What does your antagonist want and why? A thorough character sketch will help you put these elusive puzzle pieces in place to fully take advantage of the lesson for week two.

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Lecture: What makes an antagonist relatable; why do we root for the bad guy, and how do we get the audience to cheer for the story’s villain? In week one, you’ll learn about the psychology of the sinister and discover how to turn even the most wicked of antagonists into a sympathetic character. We’ll delve into what makes a reader respond to (and recoil from) certain archetypes, and how to avoid the pitfalls of writing flat adversaries.

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Every now and then we do a craft that our daughter asks to do over and over again and this footprint ghost craft is one of them. This is a fantastic preschool Halloween craft for kids and it makes a wonderful way to capture how small your child's footprint is this year. This cute ghost craft makes a great homemade Halloween decoration as well.