He is and always was born to play Sam Spade.

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Sam Spade - Thrilling Detective

In , Spade goes through danger, romance, and the promise of riches only to return to the same job he had and the same reluctant relationship with Iva Archer.

Sam Spade attempts to psychologically dominate every other character in almost every encounter.

Sam Spade: The Individualistic Antihero? | The Hero in …

Everything you always wanted to know about the Black Bird -- includes documents, photos and memorabilia about the book and movies (all three of 'em!), plus a full account of Hammett's detective career, a bibliography and about a zillion other treasure, the perfect gift for fans of Sam Spade, Hammett, film noir, and the history of cinema and literature.

An often-revealing, but also too often self-serving glimpse of the man behind The Op, Sam Spade, et al, through his personal correspondence.

Alas, John Huston’s The Maltese Falcon is not a romantic comedy but instead a film noir. It is widely considered the first of its kind, portraying a more critical view of relationships among American citizens than romantic comedies do. Among the myriad differences between the two genres, one is especially prominent in this film: the lack of a “good guy.” There is no one person in the film who warrants the audience’s sympathy, for each character has irreconcilable flaws. Sam Spade is an adulterer, is a murderer, and a thief. Yet this aspect of film noir, the evasiveness of innocence, is telling of the time period in which is was created. The America in which film noir originated was fascinated with the inherent evilness among people, and these films embodied the ubiquity of sin. Gone were the days of Puritan saintliness and utopian ideals. In their place were corruption, manipulation, and evilness.

Sam Spade is caught in a frantic search for the jeweled falcon of Malta and his partner's killer