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Abolitionist was a conductor on the Underground Railroad, during which time he established the League of Gileadites, devoted to helping fugitive slaves get to Canada.

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Coffin said that he learned their hiding places and sought them out to help them move along. Eventually, they began to find their way to him. Coffin later moved to Indiana and then Ohio, and continued to help escaped slaves wherever he lived.

One of the earliest known people to help fugitive slaves was Levi Coffin, a Quaker from North Carolina. He started around 1813 when he was 15 years old.

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Harriet Tubman once again played a significant part by leading intelligence operations and fulfilling a command role in Union Army operations to rescue the emancipated slaves.

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The Underground Railroad ceased operations about 1863, during the Civil War. In reality, its work moved aboveground as part of the Union effort against the Confederacy.

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John Fairfield of Virginia rejected his slave-holding family to help rescue the left-behind families of slaves who made it north. Fairfield’s method was to travel in the south posing as a slave trader. He broke out of jail twice. He died in 1860 in during a .

Slave trade as root to African Crisis

sea captain Jonathan Walker was arrested in 1844 after he was caught with a boatload of escaped slaves that he was trying to help get north. Walker was fined and jailed for a year, and branded on his right hand the letters “SS” for Slave Stealer.

Slave trade: a root of contemporary African Crisis

Charles Torrey was sent to prison for six years in Maryland for helping a slave family escape through Virginia. He operated out of , and had previously worked as an abolitionist newspaper editor in Albany, New York.