They referred to the president as "Jackson the Devil".

The bullet would remain in Jackson the rest of his life and cause him a lot of pain and trouble.
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In 1832 Jackson and Martin Van Buren founded the Democratic Party.

Jackson alias, moreover, been known to us for good and for evil during the last seventeen years, long before he had any pretension to, or any chance of attaining the presidency over his countrymen.

Jackson teamed up with the French privateer and pirate,  and the free blacks of New Orleans.
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Brady, Cyrus Townsend. The True Andrew Jackson.Philadelphia, 1906.

He had scarce taken up a position for the defence of New Orleans, when he required the suspension of the Habeas Corpus act from the magistracy, and on one -of them hesitating to comply with the requisition, he without ceremony banished him from the province, and passed the Suspension Act by means of the remainder.

Jackson established his head-quarters at New Orleans, on the 1st Dec.

The British would lose hundreds of men, but Jackson only had 8 soldiers killed and 13 wounded.
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Jackson, who had a bold heart as well as a ready tongue, was called on, and putting himself at the head of the local militia, he not only routed the barbarians, and drove them back to their wilds, but inflicted so signal a punishment on them, as left them without power or inclination to disturb the state for many years afterwards.

In 1796, Tennessee, having then a population of the requisite number, was admitted as one of the States of the Union.

Jackson was the master and cotton, rice, and tobacco fueled the economy at the time.
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The Truth About Andrew Jackson And Harriet Tubman – …

This Microfilm Supplement to the Library of Congress and the NationalArchives microfilm series comprises Jackson documents found in the project’s search included on those two publications. It includes all additionalcopies of Jackson documents; variant copies or drafts; a typewritten or printedcopy in the absence of a manuscript; documents from the Library of Congress of Congress andNational Archives films incorrectly dated or identified; and all Jacksondocuments in collections other than the Jackson Papers in the Library ofCongress, whether previously filmed or not, Spurious documents, in so far asthey could be identified, have not been filmed.

The successes and failures of Andrew Jackson’s …

This microfilm is a supplement to the 1967 Library ofCongress microfilm publication of the and to the NARS microfilm series. The collection, abouthalf the size of that in the Library of Congress, consists of 14,000 newdocuments from approximately 335 repositories. A large portion of the Jacksonpapers published here was originally a part of the Kendall collection, retainedby Terrell, and since dispersed through the country. This Microfilm Supplement,in bringing together all these documents, restores in large measure theintegrity of the Blair collection and makes readily available - and in manyinstances for the first time - literally thousands of other items whichilluminate the life and times of Andrew Jackson.

The successes and failures of Andrew Jackson’s presidency Essay

This current search for Jackson papers has been the mostthorough to date. It has been conducted by dozens of staff members and hundredsof cooperative archivists, curators, and librarians. The search has beencarried into barns, attics, jails, and banks, as well as libraries, and hasrequired an untold number of letters and telephone calls, and miles of travelin the United States, France, England, Scotland, and Spain. Staff members havevisited and searched Jackson collections and those of Jackson’s contemporariesin every major repository in the country. In the absence of evidence to warranta visit, the staff contacted either by letter or telephone most otherinstitutions that might conceivably hold Jackson papers: state and countyarchives; state and local historical societies; county, municipal, and privatelibraries; and historic sites. In one manner or another, the staff hascontacted worldwide in excess of 6,000 institutions and 600 individuals -private collectors, autograph dealers, Jackson and Donelson descendants, anddescendants of many of Jackson’s contemporaries - seeking copies of theirmaterials. The staff and its consultants have also searched the massivecollections of autograph dealer catalogs at the American Antiquarian Society,Yale University, the Grolier Club, and the Huntington Library; and have scannedgreat numbers of published works: newspapers of Washington, New York,Cincinnati, and Nashville; nineteenth- and twentieth-century popular andscholarly periodicals; historical journals; diaries; reminiscences; printedcollections of letters, monographs, and biographies; the Congressional SerialSet and American State Papers. And finally, the staff has searcheddozens of unfilmed record groups in the National Archives and hundreds of rollsof film issued by the National Archives and Records Service. The results ofthis search are now made available on the accompanying thirty-nine rolls ofmicrofilm.