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Ethics in decision making can be addressed as part of the business decision making process.

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While some may argue that Rapid Decision-making and Synchronization Process (RDSP) is also a systematic process I argue that the process do not have a specific order and it depends on the commanders or staff mental ability to arrive at single course of action in short time....

As in any other kind of reasoning, we canimprove the quality of our moral decision making by listening to the sorts ofreasons provided by others.

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The Army Problem Solving Model (Process) (PSM) is a systematic approach to identifying the best possible solution to an issue or problem and a deliberate method of decision-making (FM 6-0, 2009)....

This type of leadership makes every team members’ opinion an important one and employees quickly become part of the decision-making process....

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Both the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) and the Academy provide resources for healthcare professionals on ethical considerations regarding nutrition therapies, including recommendations and guidelines.10,11 The first step for healthcare institutions is to incorporate these recommendations when developing ethical decision making for artificial nutrition policy and procedure. Recommendations and guidelines from other societies and organizations are important to include in these documents based on the patient population characteristics and religious affiliation of the healthcare facility. It’s important to develop the policy and procedure in collaboration with all healthcare professionals involved in the process to encourage acceptance of the final document. A sample policy and procedure for dealing with ethical decision making for artificial nutrition has been published in The ASPEN Adult Nutrition Support Core Curriculum.12

Often, making theright decision requires a real sensitivity to the moral dimension of asituation, as well as to the range of interests involved.

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Collaboration with the physician, nurse, social worker, chaplain, palliative care team, and other healthcare team members is optimal to facilitate this process. Dietitians who learn more about advance directives, living wills, durable power of attorney for healthcare (a legal document in which a competent person gives another person the power to make healthcare decisions for him or her if unable to make those decisions personally), and physician orders for life-sustaining treatment have an advantage in understanding documents in the patient’s medical record.

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(C 100) The Army Problem Solving Model (APSM) as well as the Rapid Decision Making and Synchronization Process (RDSP) are the forms of decision-making process or techniques with a systematic, logical approach to problem designed for commanders to help make better decision and to find better solution as problem occur.

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The Army Problem Solving Model (Process) (PSM) is a systematic approach to identifying the best possible solution to an issue or problem and a deliberate method of decision-making (FM 6-0, 2009).

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The word “nutrition” connotes a sense of vibrancy and life. The hope is that nutrition, for some patients, will open the door that leads to advance care planning and end-of-life discussions in the hospital setting. Dietitians already have formed bridges between themselves and other medical fields, for example, through discussions with physicians about optimal placement of small-bowel feeding tubes beyond the ligament of Treitz under specific conditions, and with respiratory therapists about the impact of nutrition substrates on blood gases and pulmonary function. And RDs can learn to incorporate ethics in the decision-making process by integrating clinical ethics into their dietetic practices. They can become knowledgeable about advance care planning terms and learn how to promote conversations about nutrition with patients and their families, which can lead to a transformation in nutrition support practice.

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To understand the decision-making process better the prefrontal Cortex can be divided into three regions: the Orbitofrontal Cortex, the Anterior Cingulate Cortex, and the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex....