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Irish Times, 28 October 1922. While it might be tempting to search for a conspiracy in Tobin’s death, accidents and ‘friendly fire’ were all too common in the National Army at this time. Six other soldiers died in this way in Dublin in September and October 1922 alone.

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An excellent article. As my grandfather was a member of the C.I.D during that period, it is vital that historical perspective is used to view this period. He is pictured in the car in the front passenger seat. In the lead up to 2022 it is important to see these horrible times in context and not simply right or wrong. There is no black and white. I hope many more people will open up their family archives to full scrutiny in the interests of historical research.
Dave phelan nephew of Joesph Kinsella

His parents appear to have been devastated by his death. His mother seems to have suffered from a breakdown, could no longer teach music classes and according to her doctor, no longer felt able to leave her house. His father also developed chronic heart problems within two years of his son’s death. By 1933, when, with Fianna Fail in power, anti-Treatyites could apply for pensions, they were described as ‘practically destitute’.