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The Brutal Truth Behind The Toxic Relationship Between …

Here is a link to the study – I haven’t looked into it in a great deal of detail, but it looks reasonable. While the authors argue that there is no cut-off point beyond which money buys happiness, they accept (almost as an assumption) that the relationship between income and satisfaction is on a log-linear scale, i.e. returns are diminishing and trend towards zero as income increases.

The Troubled Relationship between Religions and the State: Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion (Whitelocke Human Rights Series) [András Koltay] on …
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What Is the Relationship between Church and State

I am a bit surprised about the misunderstanding regarding the interpretation of a CORRELATION as fact. When I read the article I understood that it was referencing the correlation between happiness and unions, social programs and higher taxes .
A correlation is a statistical relationship between two or more random variables – but correlation does NOT equal causation…it only indicates a causal possibility between the factors – further research can determine whether or not the factors occur simultaneously but independent of influence (coincidence), or occur as a result of influences between/among the factors (causality/ interdependence).
As I understood it, this article asks us to discuss the POSSIBILITY that the correlations indicate a causal relationship between the factors of unions, social programs, high taxes, etc. and happiness.

The Brutal Truth Behind The Toxic Relationship Between A Narcissist And An Empath
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The solution is equally simple: keeping your money. Quite contrary to the bartender’s advice, every single dollar you manage to keep for yourself contributes to your wellbeing. The dollars bring peace, because they eliminate the worry of not having enough of them. They bring freedom, because you can wield them like a sword to cut new paths for yourself in life that were formerly closed. When invested properly, they multiply automatically and decrease the amount of your time you need to devote to earning a flow of them. You don’t have to be an early retiree to feel this effect, because benefits begin immediately. Every dollar you manage to save between zero and financial independence contributes to this peace and happiness.

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