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There is no lack of historical examples: Indo-China, Indonesia, and of course North Africa.
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I burst out in spontaneous laughter

or — Have acknowledged Jesus of Nazareth to be the true Messiah promised to the Jews, and consequently a divinely-commissioned Teacher, Mediator, Saviour, and Lawgiver; yea, the great Prophet, Priest, and King of his church, and therefore your sovereign Lord, and the final Judge of men and angels; — Let your spirit and conduct, your dispositions, words, and actions, be in perfect consistency with this acknowledgment; walk in the same faith, love, and holiness, in which you received him, steadily believing his doctrines, obeying his precepts, relying on his promises, revering his threatenings, and imitating his example; — In him, as trees in a good soil, or as the graft is rooted in the stock; — Upon him, the only sure foundation of your confidence and hope for time and eternity; — In your persuasion of the truth and importance of the gospel in all its parts; — By those that have preached it to you; — Making continual progress in your acquaintance with it and conformity to it; — To God, for having made you partakers of so great a blessing.2:1-7 The soul prospers when we have clear knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus.

What this sort of following demands is the betterment of their particular lot: increased salaries, for example.
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#SLAA Online Group of Sex and Love Addicts …

A century ago, when psychologists still talked like philosophers, aneditorial in the American Journal of Psychology (October1907) said of humor that “Perhaps its largest function is todetach us from our world of good and evil, of loss and gain, and toenable us to see it in proper perspective. It frees us from vanity, onthe one hand, and from pessimism, on the other, by keeping us largerthan what we do, and greater than what can happen to us.”

Because repressed Pain is so deep, the borderline has to work very hard and long to reach any kind of connection, clarity, or insight.
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For more examples of the affinities between comedy and philosophy,there is a series of books on philosophy and popular culture from OpenCourt Publishing that includes: Seinfeld and Philosophy(2002), The Simpsons and Philosophy (2001), Woody Allenand Philosophy (2004), and Monty Python and Philosophy(2006). Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein have written Plato andPlatypus Walked into a Bar … : Understanding Philosophy throughJokes (2008), and Heidegger and a Hippo Walk Through ThosePearly Gates: Using Philosophy (and Jokes!) to Explore Life, Death,the Afterlife, and Everything in Between (2009). In philosophy ofmind, Matthew Hurley, Daniel Dennett, and Reginald Adams (2011) haveused humor to explain the development of the human mind. Inaesthetics, Noël Carroll (1999, 2003, 2007, 2013) has writtenabout philosophical implications of comedy and humor, and about theirrelationships with the genre of horror. The journals PhilosophyEast and West (1989), the Monist (2005), andEducational Philosophy and Theory (2014) have publishedspecial issues on humor. The ancient prejudices against humor thatstarted with Plato are finally starting to crumble.

The need to connect is very strong while the failure to connect  may lead to emotional and physical disintegration and death (spontaneous abortion).
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by Z. Nkosi - South African Communist Party

It is easy to make inadvertent mistakes when relating to borderlines because of their hypersensitivity to parental control.Due to the borderline's hypersensitivity, a therapist's spontaneity may be inhibited for fear of crossing the borderline's diffuse, undifferentiated boundaries.

Obituary in Sechaba, October 1972

If self-comparison and sudden glory are not necessary for laughter,neither are they sufficient for laughter. Hutcheson says that we canfeel superior to lower animals without laughing, and that “someingenuity in dogs and monkeys, which comes near to some of our ownarts, very often makes us merry; whereas their duller actions in whichthey are much below us, are no matter of jest at all.” He alsocites cases of pity. A gentleman riding in a coach who sees raggedbeggars in the street, for example, will feel that he is better offthan they, but such feelings are unlikely to amuse him. In suchsituations, “we are in greater danger of weeping thanlaughing.”

The Life of a Revolutionary by Z

If we wish to describe it precisely, we might find it in the wellknown words: "The last shall be first and the first last." Decolonization is the putting into practice of this sentence.

Dadoo, Chairman of SACP, at funeral of J

However, generalizing should be avoided since there is a wide variety of appearances presented by borderline personalities.The deflated false self of the borderline is unreal (Masterson, 1988).