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This is a picture of Italy during the sixties. After the Marshall Plan Italy's economy recovered and it became a functioning country again. After the monarchy was abolished the king was exiled. And only one fascist coup was attempted in 1971, the people executing the coup got stuck in an elevator and it failed.

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And that pretty much wraps up the brief history of Italy and some of it's most important characters. Furthermore here are some pictures of famous Italian composers.E a tutti gli italiani: buona festa della repubblica!(Cosa ci fai qua? Questo l'hai studiato a scuola.)

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Compact & friendly country. Average economic status. Moderate climate (like India) except Cold season. Main export partners are Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland while its main import partners are Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria. Cost of living 500 E. Stay back for 6 months for students. 3 Years Bachelors( 2-3 Lacs p.a.) and 2 Year Masters(2.5 - 6 Lacs p.a.)

Italy is a republic with twenty regions under the central government.

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This man's name is Benito Mussolini. You obviously know he was the fascist dictator of Italy during the 2nd world war. But a lot of people don't know the horrible things he did. Fascist blackshirts tortured people by making them ingest rapeseed oil (laxative) in large quantities. During the period he was in power a politician known as Giacomo Matteotti had the balls to speak out against him in parliament and was assassinated shortly after. Mussolini negated having anything to do with it, and we still don't know whether he did. In the end he died from an execution by firing squad carried out by Italian Partisans who didn't want him escaping from Italy. His corpse was hung upside-down in the centre of Milan where his body was ridiculed and left to rot until finally being buried.

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During the first world war, Italy did not participate initially, this was due to the fact that they did not know which side would win. After the Entente seemed to be getting the high ground on Germany and Austria-Hungary, Italy joined on France's side. The Italian army fought the Austro-Hungarian Army unsuccessfully in the beginning and were forced to retreat, but towards the end of the war Italy managed to push back the Austrian army. A famous battle fought on the "Piave" even has a song written about it in 1921: . Funnily enough the song was modified by the fascist dictatorship because it had a line which suggested that a defeat the Italian army suffered was due to a betrayal, but since the fascists supported the idea that Italians had to be a virtuous people who would never betray their country, it was taken out.

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Perhaps the cultural capital of the world, Italy is a thriving, cosmopolitan mix of style, fashion, gorgeous food and centuries of history. With , and Austria all on its border, a campervan hire is a perfect holiday destination. The cost-effective hotel on wheels allows you to make your own Italian itinerary and change your mind at a moment’s notice. If you’re going to , you have to in Italy.

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During the monarchist period Italy acquired some colonies overseas in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Libya, Zara, and the island of Rhodes and a part of a city in China called Tientsin. During the fascist period it also gained Albania after Mussolini forced Zog I of Albania to abdicate under threat of war if he did not comply.