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Write an essay about the relationship between your age and level of responsibility.
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Cyber security involves various steps the most important of these being an individual’s understanding of the different forms of attacks that they are likely to encounter. Once one has knowledge of this, then it is his or her responsibility to ensure that they have put in place the best security system they can get their hands on. There exist different types of threats and these can be considered to be of varying levels and risks to an individual’s personal information in their computers. The higher the possibility of an attack, the more advanced the security system that is to be put in place to ensure that the threat is minimized.

Have several students search for the word "responsibility" on the Internet.
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The yearly death toll for HIV/Aids is almost 2.5 million, with about 1.8 million concentrated in the Sub-Saharan Africa” The Times Higher 20/07/01 Assess the responsibilities of the pharmaceutical companies for providing low cost drugs to the poor people in the developing...

Conversely, with every constitutional freedom there comes a corresponding responsibility.
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Scott Fitzgerald conveys the lack of responsibility in the established wealthy class by displaying its disregard of important affairs and its materialistic view of life....

Ethics and social responsibility have to be present and coincide with one another for a business to be ethically sound.
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