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Why Our Students Study Literature ..

Each interview was conducted by telephone and lasted from 15 to 30 minutes. The interviews were recorded and interviewees were asked for their permission to record. An audio file of eight hours and 10 minutes was the end result.

Indirectly, clients begin to expand their newly discovered fondness of literature to others in their lives.

in which he or she lives through writing

"In this spiritual culture of the Sun, God as Father is wisdom and He lives in the throne within us between the two physical eyes known as the third eye. That is the eternal spiritual Father, who never leaves us. God as Mother is love and she lives in the Temple of the love. Our Father and Mother are one. They never separate and they never divorce, because they are conscious."

"When will we ever begin to understand the meaning of the soil underneath our feet?
From a tiny grain of sand to the largest mountain, everything is sacred.

As a community-counseling model, CLTL has the ability to transform the lives of the group members through the literature and discussion.

College students’ reliance on search engines to meet any and all information needs did not always prove to be true under any circumstances in our study. Respondents were least likely to use search engines when looking for spiritual information about a group and/or beliefs. In addition, they were twice as likely to be used for finding information about a possible purchase — and for making decisions with that had some level of financial risk (e.g., spending money). These findings suggest search engines, despite their frequent use, are not used for any and all kinds of searches in students’ daily lives.

How literature affects our lives If Literature was no longer offered as a college or high school course then there would be negative results that will affect student's learning. Literature plays an important role in student's educational learning and will help to accomplish goals that will be needed for their futures.

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Results and Studies

The methods with which we gather and assess feedback about the effectiveness of CLTL are many. Although using statistical analysis of recidivism and other re-offending figures are very important to us, we eagerly await the that arrives via assessments of CLTL as written by student-probationers. By nature, provide positive feedback that reminds us that what we do matters to people; testimonials also tell us when our strategies work.

All evaluations are valuable to us: they help us re-evaluate, allowing us to change texts or strategies and to keep those that are effective and eliminate those that are not. CLTL works, as these pages demonstrate.

I don't think we need to study literature

In the East is the child and the future. the direction of the Sunrise. This is the direction of the Eagle or hawk who carry our prayers into the sky. It is the direction we face and the spirit we call upon when we are beginning anything new. That our actions will be best for all. Thus the burning of tobacco when beginning a council, which carries our prayers skyward. That the desired results will benefit all. anytime I am about to start something new I go to the East and seek guidance that what I am about to do will be good for all.

our society, and our own individual lives

The ultimate goal would be to expand the CLTL program to other alternative-incarceration centers within the agency.


The CLTL program is an example of a courageous, innovative program, developed to offer an at-risk population the opportunity to experience growth through literature.