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The right to bear arms is a tradition with deep roots in American society

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This ruling hasbeen appealed and since that decision, two federal courts, including a higherCircuit court, have ruled that the Second Amendment does not guarantee anindividual right to keep and bear arms (

As a result, the United States remains today as only nation whosecitizens can still, to a broad extent, exercise the right to keep and beararms.

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The two opposing interpretations of the SecondAmendment involve whether the Amendment guarantees the right of individuals tokeep and bear arms or whether it guarantees the states freedom from federalgovernment infringement on this right.

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In fact, several stateshave clauses in their state constitutions which explicitly guarantee anindividual right to keep and bear arms, yet not a single gun control law hasbeen overturned in those states for violating that clause.

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