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The gender pay gap is the average difference between a man's and a woman's remuneration
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Slavery is found all around the world but what if I told you that in most parts of the world slavery does not really have to do with the color of your skin and more with the gender you are.

Gender equality is a human right
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Women and men are being empowered all over the world to put a stop to the injustices that they face on a daily basis, but that’s not enough. PCI knows the importance of using a gender lens when connecting issues and programs to facilitate change. Comprehensive approaches are required to not only provide women with more power and self-esteem, but to change the way society responds to the discrimination that they regularly face.

Women are entitled to live with dignity and with freedom from want and from fear
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As an organization, PCI is committed to promoting gender equality by working to achieve equal health access and development opportunities for the men and women with whom PCI works and serves around the world through the establishment of its Gender Equity Commission. PCI has developed and adapted innovative program models that advance gender equity while maximizing the participation of girls and women, who in most developing societies lack the education and opportunities that are afforded to men.

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