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HISTORY: Handbook of Texas Online: "Archeologists have found evidence of Paleo-Indians in the canyon. Spanish explorers made several excursions into the area to take careful inventory of tribes, to note the flora and fauna of the area, and to name the rivers, mountains, and streams. They called the Sabinal River Arroyo de la Soledad. In 1790 Juan de Ugalde united Comanches, Taovayas, and Tawakonis and led a decisive victory over the Apaches at the site of future Utopia. The Spaniards also found silver and dug a shaft on the east side of Sugarloaf Mountain, five miles south of Utopia. This mine was seen by John C. Duval in 1836. On June 10, 1839, a party under John C. (Jack) Hays and Juan N. Seguin pursued a band of Comanches into Sabinal Canyon, where they destroyed newly deserted villages. Hays encountered the Comanches again on June 24, 1841, when eight Comanches were killed and two taken prisoner. Capt. William Ware, a soldier in the Texas Revolution, moved to the canyon with his son and six slaves in 1852, thus fulfilling a resolution he had made in 1835, when he first saw the place. With 600 head of cattle and two ox-drawn wagons full of seeds, fruit trees, food, and tools, they had to move large boulders to get the wagons through the pass into the canyon. Gideon Thompson, Aaron Anglin, John and James Davenport, Lee Sanders, Henry Robinson, and Chris Kelley soon arrived. More settlers arrived in 1853, and by 1856, a store-post office was built by Charles Durbon, who became the first postmaster of Waresville. In 1856 Victor P. Considerant purchased 47,000 acres of land in the canyon from the Can’on de Ugalde Land Company. This purchase was financed by the European and American Colonization Society. Considerant's plan to establish a Fourierist phalanx in the canyon did not materialize because the failure of La Reunion, near Dallas, had made potential colonists too wary.

Settlers had friendly contact with Tonkawa Indians who had come to plant crops for their people, who were due to come later. The Kickapoos raided many times during the early years. Lipan Apaches captured Frank Buckelew in 1866 and held him captive for eleven months. They also raided Mr. Kincheloe's home that same year while he was away. His wife, Sarah, Captain Ware's daughter, was lanced seventeen times, and Mrs. Ann Bowlin was killed. Warfare continued until 1876. Kincheloe moved his family to land a mile north of Waresville, where he built a two-story home in 1873, marked off and sold lots, and donated land for churches, a park, and a school. In 1884 a survey for the town of Montana was filed in Uvalde County, and the post office was moved from Waresville to Montana. When they learned that another place in Texas was named Montana, residents renamed the place Utopia. By 1880 a stage stopped weekly at the community, where 150 citizens supported two gristmills, a cotton gin, a blacksmith shop, a store, and three churches.

Methodist services were first held in Waresville by Andrew Jackson Potter in 1854. The Church of Christ was established in 1859; John C. Ware and his sister Eliza Finley were the first two to be baptized. A Christian church also moved to the canyon. Andrew Jackson Sowell, his wife, Mary Lillian, and ten other charter members established the Utopia Missionary Baptist Church in 1886. A man named Barker taught the first three school terms in the Methodist church. In 1880 a schoolhouse was built; this structure was torn down in 1906, and a two-story building took its place. This building was burned in 1926; the present structure, built in 1927, has had several additions.

By 1904 the population of Utopia was 147. The town had telephone service by 1914. Annual rodeos have brought thousands of people since 1929. By 1946 the town had seven businesses, three churches, a post office, and a population of 150. In 1952, when Utopia celebrated the centennial of Ware's arrival, Governor Allan Shivers spoke to a crowd of 3,000 people in the park. On June 19 and 20, 1952, 9,000 people came to celebrate. In 1956 the Sabinal River was dammed to impound a small municipal lake. Many residents moved away in the drought-plagued 1950s. The population reached a low of sixty in the early 1960s, but by 1965 prosperity had returned. Ranches leased land to hunters, beef prices rose, and the population grew. A cedar mill was constructed, the Memorial Library was established, civic clubs flourished, the town started a museum, and real estate establishments came into being. The Utopia Spring Water plant was chartered in March 1984. Tourism flourished after Lost Maples State Natural Area officially opened in September 1979. In 1990 the population of Utopia was 360. The population was 241 in 2000."

In August 2010 Utopia was the site of filming for a movie called "Seven Days in Utopia", starring Robert Duvall, Lucas Black, Kathy Baker, Melissa Leo, Brian Geraghty, Deborah Ann Woll.

Bjork still challenges us, and that feat, 25 years on from Debut, deserves credit. Utopia carries this abstract torch well. Noticing how each album builds from the prior, yet maintains a separate identity, vision, and expression is to appreciate her entire catalogue of music all the more.
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Welcome to Gaggedutopia's Story Archive

"I don't enjoy punishing you, but you must understand. I am your owner, your Mistress. You will do what I say. When that is understood, I will allow you to explore your needs, fantasies, and desires, no matter how wild. You need only ask permission and if they are reasonable, I will grant them. Never, ever lie to me again."

Her words soothed my inner turmoil. She understood me and cared for me. I sobbed and nodded my head in agreement.

Mistress continued her words so calming. "Oh, my slave, your punishment is over for now. But I can see that you need further help to control your own basic and sexual desires, so that you will be able to resist and not yield to your lust without my knowledge and approval. But we will take care of that tomorrow. Tonight is for us, Mistress and slave."

I continued to whimper, her words soothing, but also an indictment of my failure to please her, my failure to follow her direction. She just held me closer, naked body to naked body. In my mind, I committed myself to be obedient, to be honest and to trust Mistress to know what was best for me.

As my emotions came under control, my needs began to grow. I thought of the strap-on that Mistress had used on me. My moans took on a different tone. I wanted my hands free, my legs spread. Mistress seemed to sense this, but rather than assist me to relieve my needs, instead she pushed the ass plug deep into my bowels. I grunted in pain and pleasure. This is not what I wanted, but Mistress knew what I needed.

I fell asleep in her arms. I slept peacefully.

I felt her. Within me. Her fingers twirling my clitty and bell. I opened my eyes to her smiling face, and our mouths were suddenly conjoined, our tongues swirling in desire. I moaned, wanting to reciprocate, but instead being the docile slave.

"Slave?" she whispered out of the corner of our locked mouths.

"Yes, Mistress."

"I love your tongue stud and the feel of your lip chain as I run my tongue over it."

"Yes, Mistress." I was reaching a boiling point. "Please," I whined."

"Please what, slave?"

"Please, I need to cum." All words spoken in ragged breaths, our mouths and tongues in almost constant contact.

"No, slave, you do not have permission," and she broke our mouth lock, and began to unwind our bodies. I was limp, eyes wide, wanting more, needing more. I started to say something, to beg, but one look from Mistress told me to be quiet.

"Back to basics, slave," she said, clipping the leash to my collar and ordering me to all fours. I followed her to the bathroom, kneeling before her as she peed. "I'd like your tongue to wipe me clean, but maybe we should wait a few days until your piercings are healed," she sighed. I just stared at her lovely cunt.

We had another loveless shower, her words only commands that I instantly obeyed. As I was finishing drying, she went to the bedroom and returned with my phone. My heart fluttered. She took more pictures, our heads touching, two pierced tongues stretched to the limit, my lip chain prominent. She left me alone and returned to the bedroom.

I examined the chain. Yes, my lip was slightly swollen, but the pain was gone. I tugged down on my lip, seeing how it was attached. I ran my tongue around the inside of my lip, feeling the links. My pussy began to juice.

I touched my earrings. SLUT, they announced. It was true. I fiddled with the handcuffs on my belly chain. My mind was 1000 miles away.

"Come on, slave. We have things to do."

I hurried from the bathroom. Mistress was almost dressed. She released my leash. I licked my lips. Tight jeans with a bikini top. The top consisted of many silvery chains holding the bra in place. I just stared in awe at her beauty.

"Your clothes are on the bed." I looked to the right and saw a small pile of black material. A lot of strings and thin strands of cloth. I held up the first piece. They were shorts, I thought, no, more like a tube skirt. I pulled them up, feeling the stretchy material against my sensitive skin. It felt electric. There were no panties, of course. I eventually figured out the top, strings of material crisscrossing my breasts, with a cloth collar. At first I thought I had put it on backwards. Surely she would not wish to hide my slave collar. High heeled sandals. A sexi Mistress and her whorish slave.

We were about to leave the hotel room, when Mistress said, "Oh, put in your contacts, slave. No sense to keep walking around half blind."

"Thank you, Mistress." It took me a few minutes to insert the lenses and the world was suddenly brighter and more cheerful. I had gotten used to wandering around in a state of blurriness.

We went downstairs. "Remember," she said in the elevator, "it does not matter what others think. Your desire is to please your Mistress. Nothing else matters. Is that clear, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress." I stood proudly, my posture flawless. I would do anything to please Mistress Cynthia.

As we walked across the lobby, I knew we were the center of the known universe. It didn't matter. I felt comfortable, and proud to be her slave. I thought briefly of home, school, how amazing it was that we had come together. I thought of mom. I pushed those thoughts of mom out of my mind.

We enjoyed our buffet breakfast, chatting like two normal friends. We talked about people we both knew, about classes, about Miami. Not a word that caused my belly to heat nor my pussy to juice. Two normal Cali girls having fun miles from home.

It was strange eating food with my new tongue stud and lip chain. Several times, my teeth hit against one or the other. I had to be careful. It seemed like it would be easy to chip a tooth.

We went back upstairs to brush our teeth, finish our toilet, and gather our bags. Not a hint of Mistress/slave, not a flicker of heat. Just a normal morning, wearing less than normal clothes.

"Let's get a move on, slave. Miles to go, you know."

"Yes, Mistress," but I didn't know. I had no idea what the day would hold.

Chapter 10 (added: 2014/03/27)

We took a cab back to South Beach. She was pressed against me the whole trip, thigh to thigh. I could feel her heat through my jeans. I also felt the side of her breast against mine. Things were coming along nicely. We talked.

"Let's say you are still on probation after your behavior at the club last night. I do enjoy having you as my slave and I realize it is not your fault that you are a slut. That part is not a problem. I want you to be. What you must learn is that you can only let that part of you out to be wild when you have my permission and I am around to keep you safe. There will be no more lies, ever. And there will be no more hesitation to my commands, no disobedience. I know you want to please your Mistress now and this is all new to you. But you do have to learn a few things. Punishment can be severe whether it is physical or emotional. You are a true slut and it seems for now that only I can help you keep that under control. Remember there will be times when I allow you to be the little whore that you are. Remember too that these names are compliments. Slave, slut, whore are all things you should strive to be, both for yourself and for me, but only under my control. In fact I want you to be really good at the things that make a slut. I want to show you off as well as show people how well you obey, so I can be proud of my new pet. Do you understand all that?

"Yes, oh yes, Mistress. I will do anything and everything you say. I will make you so proud of your new pet. I promise." It was clear she was mine here in Miami. But I needed to be sure that after a week's cruise and return to L.A., that she would still be mine. Yes, I had the videos and pictures, but it was not in my plans to destroy her.

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It's actually one of the top contenders for the best Korean horror film of the summer 2006 (as fallow as the season is) but it could have been so much better, had its makers disposed of its "clever" plot maneuverings and let the audience go back home with what they came for -- savoring for at least two hours the guilt-free fantasy of getting back at the Evil Teachers and the awful Korean school system that bred them.

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