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Nevertheless, my family is more than a little supportive of my desire to home-school my kids, because of the conformity they see in the “system”. Not necessarily patriarchy, but the lock-step of the education system which tries to fit everyone into the same mold and “dumbs-down” much of substance in order to meet the needs of the average student.

A part of what I know how to do, professionally, is a form of serving at the pleasure of the patriarchy itself. I am complicit.

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What they get – what we all get – is something…other…than that. We get people who learn their place in our culture. In the – however much I flinch at the word – patriarchy, with its implicit hierarchy of gendered behaviours and classed behaviours and racialized behaviours, even as we in our schools and culture pay lip service to inclusion and acceptance and celebration of difference.

So here I am: mother, educator, student of educational theory. And I have the mother of all dilemmas on my hands.

I do not believe learning is inherently a patriarchal process, even if the notion of the Tree of Knowledge might be. We do lots of critiques in my classrooms, just as we do in our house. My children, like my students, will inevitably be exposed to the idea that the world and its power relations are constructed, not natural. But could I go further than that, if I were willing and able to carve out the space in this next few years to try to educate my kids myself?

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The major theory of the origin of patriarchy men dominating society points to social consequences of human reproduction. In early human history, life was short therefore to balance the high death rate and maintain the population, women had to give birth to many children.

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Although the details of their theories of human nature differ widely,,,, and all accepted a functional description of the person that includes both mental and physical features:the attribution of responsibility to a moral agent requires both the ability to choose and an ability to act on that choice.

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In (1665), Pascal defended a approach to religion, according to which"." ("The heart has its reasons that reason does not know at all.")Pascal's work with on the nature of probability presaged the development of modern decision theory, on the basis of which he argued that .

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In other words, schooling creates subjects who internalize the subject/object divide that reinforces patriarchy and so-called culture through the knowledge acquisition and gendering processes that schools and teachers are constructed to see as natural. And parents, products and subjects of the same system, go along, delivering our children to the same inequitable and flawed system even as we gripe collectively about its flaws and failures.

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We could homeschool, I suppose, or preferably, unschool. I think unschooling is probably – if not necessarily overtly – about trying to uncouple the patriarchy from the educational process. But I am both a product and a purveyor of education in its traditional forms. I have been – gently, maybe, but nonetheless – delivering other people’s children to the patriarchy for years.