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Taylor, P. (1993) The Texts of Paulo Freire, Buckingham: Open University Press.
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Colleges as Agents of Change -- The Public Work …

Making a New Year's resolution or telling others of a decision to make dietary changes and exercise to lose weight are examples of the use of this process.

– consists of a collection of reviews of his books and links to other pages.
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Pedagogy of the Oppressor | City Journal

Freire took education out of the classroom and created ‘the culture circle’, where learners used their own ways of speaking to articulate their shared understanding of how their world came to be like it was and how to act to change their future. From being a monologue process, education became a process of dialogue in which educatees and educators engaged in mutually respectful learning. Through the culture circles process, people progressed very quickly: in Brazil illiterate adults learned to read and write in 30 hours; and in Nicaragua illiteracy was reduced from 40% to 13% in two months.i Freire pointed out that the astounding results achieved by the culture circles were a consequence of offering literacy as a tool through which groups, rather than individuals, could be empowered. In culture circles, everyone makes good progress, not just a few isolated ‘star-pupils’.

You encourage her to think of other benefits for herself and her family.
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Current research is focused on large-scale clinical trials examining the impact of stage-matched and individualized intervention approaches targeting multiple health behaviors in people with diabetes.

This supports the effectiveness of interactive stage-matched intervention approaches.
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The importance of providing both best practice (stage-matched) guidelines and individualization is also central to the behavior change process based on the TTM.

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She says she will think about taking walks after dinner, but she cannot promise that they will do it three times a week since she is usually exhausted by that time of day.

John Ohliger: Critical views of Paulo Freire's work

Although retired, Gina is constantly busy babysitting her 5-year-old grandson and participating in community activities, such as serving as the president of her local retired teacher's association.

But many see colleges as irrelevant to change, at best

In contrast, the same person may be in the precontemplation stage on carbohydrate counting, since the value of this behavior in managing diabetes has not been made clear to the individual.


Studies assessing stage of change based solely on participants' global perception of fat intake without including a behavioral measure to estimate fat intake indicated that the majority (61–63%) perceive themselves to be reducing fat intake.15 Research on three large samples (N = 9,582)15 assessing stage of change for dietary fat reduction using a behavioral measure (criterion of

Kitchen table wisdom: A Freirian approach to …

Because you know the importance of rewards in promoting behavior change, you put a note in her chart to remind yourself to ask about her progress in self-testing at your next visit and compliment her on any positive changes.

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Since most of the work applying the TTM in the dietary area has been focused on reduction of dietary fat intake, this area will be used to highlight important points about assessing stage of change.