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CLARK, MS-13 NATIONAL GANG TASK FORCE: Yes, it is. It becomes difficult because we have to try and coordinate the resources from not only throughout the United States at the state, local and federal level, but we have to try and coordinate the intelligence and information with our international partners, as well, with them going back-and-forth across the borders. And we need to understand that MS-13 has a presence in five countries. So if you could imagine the daunting task that we have at trying to coordinate all of our efforts and investigative resources over five countries, it becomes difficult. COSBY: I understand it's hard. We're looking at shots of tattoos, too, Robert. But a lot of them, what, don't use that as a marking anymore, right? CLARK: Yes. COSBY: How tough is that for you to track down? CLARK: Well, what they have now become smarter because of law enforcement efforts and presence. They know that the tattoos draws attention to them. So a lot of them are starting to get tattoos removed and a lot of them are not getting tattooed at all. COSBY: You know, Juan, we just have a little bit left, but you're doing some really good things helping folks get out of gangs, find other reasons for hope. How tough has that been? CLARK: Well, and again, in coordinating with our international partners, we have seen that these intervention and prevention programs can actually have a positive effect. And we want to see those things have such a positive effect in the United States that not only in our proactive efforts do we ensure the safety for our children for tomorrow, but the children of people who come from Central America looking for a better life in the United States, that we ensure that for them, as well. COSBY: And, both of you, stick with us. I want to bring in if I could now Marcy Forman. She's the director of investigation for immigration and also customs enforcement. Marcy, some pretty incredible numbers about a lot of arrests that have taken place. You've supplied us with 16 hot spots around the country where these gangs have been arrested in a variety of cities around the country. How difficult is it to track down an organization like this, Marcy? MARCY FORMAN, DIRECTOR OF INVESTIGATIONS, ICE: Well, it's working collaboratively with our partners, our state, local and federal partners. We work together. The state and locals are the experts. They're the boots on the ground. And ICE, working in partnership with the state, local and federal agencies, have a very good success rate in identifying these individuals. COSBY: You know, you also gave us a video of ICE deporting some MS-13 gang members. How difficult is it to make sure these guys never get back into the country? What are the other countries doing? Are they cracking down? FORMAN: We're certainly working in partnership with our foreign countries. ICE has over 56 foreign attache offices located throughout the world. And working with the foreign governments, we're looking to ensure that these individuals do not come back into the United States. COSBY: And, Marcy, real quick, I know there's different levels. There's obviously those who join for belonging, there's those who join for much more severe reasons. Are you worried about what could be coming across the border? FORMAN: Oh, we're certainly worried. You know, we certainly want to maintain the integrity of our immigration system. And it's certainly a vulnerability. And we're looking to disrupt, dismantle and prosecute these individuals so they can no longer terrorize our communities.COSBY: You know, and Juan, I want to get you in just real quick, if I could here. You're trying to help now some young kids avoid gang violence. PACHECO: Definitely.COSBY: How tough has that been? Do you feel like you're making some inroads, real quick?PACHECO: I think one of the toughest jobs that we have is letting the communities understand that if the suppression aspect, meaning, you know, incarceration, deportation and prosecution failed us in the late '80s, and we're trying that method again to solve a community and public health issue, it will fail us again.We need to concentrate more efforts on the prevention and intervention side of helping our young brothers, you know. But who out there thinks in their minds and in their hearts to go out in their streets and give a gang member a hug or give one of these young people who need help?

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soil.In the last decade, the United States has experienced a dramatic increase in the number and size of this transnational street gang, which has quickly became a nationwide problem. SAM DEALY, “READER'S DIGEST”: This is a problem that the federal government actually created.COSBY: Sam Dealy is a reporter for “Reader's Digest,” which did an investigative expose on the MS-13 gang. DEALY: Our default policy throughout much of the past decade has been simply to, when you catch these guys, deport them. And they head back to Guatemala, or El Salvador, or Honduras, and weak states back there can't control them. COSBY: The majority of MS-13 members are foreign-born and are frequently involved in human and drug smuggling and immigration violations. Like most street gangs, MS-13 members are also committed to such crimes as robbery, extortion, rape and murder. They also run a well-financed prostitution ring. This notorious gang, best known for their violent methods, can now be found in 33 states, with an estimated 10,000 members and more than 40,000 in Central America. The FBI says MS-13 are the fastest growing and most violent of the nation's street gangs. So much so, even other gangs fear them. And you will be stunned to hear that this ruthless gang who will kill for the sake of killing has made its way to cities and suburbs across the country, even settling into small communities and boldly announcing their presence with violence. Northern Virginia is reported to have the strongest number of MS-13 members in a single city. And there are many cities infected now by MS-13. TOM PICKARD, FORMER ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, FBI: These people are actually dividing up parts of the country or areas of the country to suit their drug network. COSBY: The U.S.

Funded by District Attorney Joseph Early and UMass Memorial Hospital, the Worcester Goods for Guns Buyback has grown over the last sixteen years to include twenty-four cities and towns in Central Massachusetts. As well as accepting all firearms the Goods for Guns buyback also accepts replica and toy guns as well as handing out trigger …
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They call themselves . The organization was founded in 2006 by Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, and Thomas Menino, mayor of Boston, who serve as chair and co-chair, respectively. The founding group consisted of fifteen mayors. Today the organization is committed to “supporting the Second Amendment and the rights of citizens to own guns” while calling for stricter enforcement of existing laws.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a coalition of mayors from large and small cities in the US, is lobbying for reform of gun laws.
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Political leaders “don’t think about the small towns, ..

Putting to rest the notion that crimes with illegal guns are centered solely in mega-urban areas or in one region alone, the mayors hail from cities large and small as well as small towns in thirty-eight states. (States not represented are Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.)

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One of the things I would like to mention is that they didn't take in consideration the smaller cities or town nearby. Westfield, NY - 20 miles from Erie, PA. Great place to live, grape farms, fruit farms, antique shops, small hometown Main Street. Excellent school system. Located on Lake Erie, we have easy access to Interstate 90, 20 min drive to Erie Airport. An hour or so drive to Buffalo, Cleveland and Pittsburgh airports. We have very light snowfall, as we are on the lake and we enjoy green grass, colorful foliage and beautiful snow. Love the small towns around the Erie, PA area. Come check us out!