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Two years back it was speculated that the actress in collaboration with her twin siblings Luv and Kush are planning a political thriller but the actress clarified that it was all smoke and no fire. There was no truth behind such reports as per her.

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The actress who had recently appeared in a women centric movie aimed at promoting women empowerment did not fare well on the Box Office. The actress on quoting on this issue stated “It’s a positive change that more heroine-driven projects are being attempted now. But the fact that they are not making as much money as other films shows that, as a society, we are lagging behind in accepting things. In the West, films are not defined by gender. So, we must stop calling films women-centric. We don’t call other films male-centric, do we? The change will be more evident then.”

Food Empowerment Project strives to inform people about where their food comes from so they can make the most ethical choices possible. And, we admit, bananas are tough. For many, it is a reasonably priced fruit that contains many beneficial nutrients, but buying conventional bananas contributes to both environmental and human rights abuses.