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(B) examine the economic, environmental, and social effects of technology such as medical advancements or changing trade patterns on societies at different levels of development.

(F) discuss the solvency of long-term entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare.
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Nursing’s educational structure also changed

Recommended: WRTG 101 or WRTG 101S. A survey of the history of Western civilization from the Reformation to modern times. The goal is to chart major societal changes; identify major conflicts and wars; describe the evolution of religions; and recognize how philosophy and the arts reflect and influence peoples' lives, cultures, and societies.

(C) explain the impact of the printing press on the Renaissance and the Reformation in Europe;
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Preliminary data indicate a 5 to 7 percent reduction in these readmissions over this first year of the project, but Schnelle stressed that this figure is subject to revision pending an analysis of Medicare claims data.

(B) explain the political, intellectual, artistic, economic, and religious impact of the Reformation.
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If you don’t know history, it’s as if you were born yesterday

(Formerly GERO 380.) An exploration of death, dying, and bereavement from social, cultural, psychological, biomedical, economic, and historical perspectives. The objective is to clarify one's personal perspective on death and dying, based on a better understanding of end-of-life planning issues, stages of death, and models of care for the dying. Topics include definitions of death, needs of the dying and their support systems, pain management, palliative and hospice care, end-of-life decision making, cultural meanings and rituals, suicide, euthanasia, homicide, natural disaster, the economics of death and life-sustaining care, family conflict and coping, bereavement, and grieving. Students may earn credit for only one of the following courses: BEHS 380 or GERO 380.

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(Not open to students who have taken CMIS 340. The first in a sequence of courses in Java.) Prerequisite: CMIS 102 or prior programming experience. Recommended: MATH 107. A study of structured and object-oriented programming using the Java language. The goal is to design, implement, test, debug, and document Java programs, using appropriate development tools. Projects require use of algorithms, simple data structures, and object-oriented concepts. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: CMIS 141, CMIS 141A, or CMSC 130.

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Prerequisite: CMIS 141. Further study of the Java programming language. The objective is to design, implement, test, debug, and document Java programs, using appropriate development tools. Topics include object-oriented design, event-driven programming, exceptions, recursion, arrays, and data structures.

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An introduction to the principles, practices, techniques, and theories that govern the use of programming languages in the design and development of digital media. The objective is to effectively use proven programming theory to support digital media design for print, web, and mobile devices. Topics include the logic of constructing a computer program, the practical aspects of integrating program modules as a unified whole, the use of algorithms as an approach to problem solving, and the basic features of object-oriented languages. Projects involve creation of pseudo code and actual code.